NJIT, Northeastern and Nebraska in BWS

Paired with Ruston (LaTech, Rider, Bama and NC State).

The Dave Van Horn Bowl in the winner’s bracket Saturday?

First game is 2 p.m. Friday. We’ll see if we want the early or late game.

Their graphic already showed us at afternoon game

Time to start shuffling my schedule!

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Happy to see LSU not in that Ruston Regional

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That’s always been the DVH preference, an afternoon game on day one. I think most of us knew it was coming.


Yeah I see now that all the game times have been selected.

A little surprised the Scum got in.

And Vandy plays the Presbyterian Blue Hose.

Cornhuskers,you know that was intentional…

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That would be my guess. That’s okay. Bring 'em on.

I like our bracket. Also like our pairing for the super


yeah looking at their stats they have similar stats as we do .276.BA 3.77 ERA not much power 52 hrs. Best Pitcher looks to be LH 2.82 ERA 73 IP 63 hits 79 K,the other have ERA over 4.

Fairfield goes to Asstin. This could be fun. And Texas is paired with Florida in the super. That’s a bad pairing for the Fallopians.

South Bend regional looks brutal.

Thing is I don’t see any pitching off. Lockhart is pitching as well as Wick. Bolden is doing fine, too.

I think they might throw Lock against NJIT and save Wick for Nebraska, but that’s just a guess.

On the other hand, Lock may have earned the #2 spot and Bolden might go Friday. Or Wiggy in there somewhere, DVH has some options.

Also Noland looked good on Saturday.
Costeiu looked good Sunday. Tole and Wiggins also looked good their last time on the bump. I was hoping Ramage could get on the mound and get his confidence back but that didn’t happen.
Wicklander, Lockhart and Bolden May start but the bullpen is really the key.
Kopps should be able to close any game the hogs need him too. It would be nice to see him only need to go 1 inning a few times.

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The next two weeks will be fun, just like the last three months…

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Northeastern 36-10 may Give Neb trouble… 298 team BA . ERA 3.12. ace has a 1.72 ERA

I can’t see us Throwing Wick 1st game. Need him more game 2 IMO.

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I also like our pairing for CWS. I was hoping we would have Vanderbilt in our Omaha bracket. You see Rocker OR Leiter, but not both.

Baylor was the first team out and gets in if somebody notifies the NCAA within 24 hours that they can’t play due to COVID. Otherwise game on. I think Georgia was two or three teams down the pecking order below Baylor. Pitt went from a potential host to not being in the tournament at all.

Nebraska seems like a tougher regional #2 seed than you would expect for the overall #1 seed. Big 10 champions, but since they played only conference games, it’s harder to judge them. Just seen several times lately that they’re a very good team.

Mississippi State’s regional looks like a cakewalk. They get run-ruled twice in Hoover and then rewarded like that? I think I’ve read their AD (Cohen) was on the selection committee, though.