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I was at the game. Sat between home plate and the visiting dugout about 6 rows up. NJIT was a pretty bush league bunch. They were chirping a lot. When Bolden got pulled they waved goodbye and held up a folding chair (as in, “Have a seat.”). I’ve seen some pretty classless crap from Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas Tech, but that might have been the worst. My wife said, “They should leave that stuff for the fans to do. Oh, wait. They don’t have any fans.” Glad we beat them. I don’t blame them for being excited, especially in the first 3 innings. But players waving goodbye is pretty low. Wish we’d had beat them worse.

not too worried about it…they’re college kids on the big stage for the 1st time…they get to play at least 1 more game…and if the Hogs did the same thing…we’d think it was great…just my opinion

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I respectfully disagree. I wouldn’t find it “great” or “charming” or “funny” if our players did it. Neither, I suspect, would DVH. Cheer for your teammates. But leave the other dugout out of it. It was classless, and would be so if our team did it. Thank heavens Arkansas has coach who wouldn’t stand for that crap.


There’s one way to deal with it. Drill them. I didn’t see much chirping when he hit 5 bombs in a postseason game.

The seat is their “rally seat” and they have had one for two months. They found this one at the Fowler Center.

They also stood looking to centerfield when introduced. Even their own fans wanted them to turn around and face the grandstand.

Bush league is well said.

I’ve spent way too much time in NJ. Rude behavior is in their DNA there. No surprise.


We had a few of their fans stop by our tailgate. They were nice and respectful of our team, facilities, etc. But they were not the team.

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The chair will be a hard fit in the plane overhead compartment Saturday night…

They will leave the chair where they found it.

In fact I thought I saw that enthusiasm drain right out of their faces. Camera was all over their dugout when it was 3-0, I was not offended. Seen a lot worse in SEC play.

I wasn’t bothered by them cheering and being excited. The chirping and waving goodbye to Bolden was classless and bush league. As is, BTW, the home run stomp by Vanderbilt and the Boom dance by ole miss.

Nothing as mature and high-brow as an upside down horns sign, I presume.

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They were calling the hogs from their dugout today and y’all are mad about their sportsmanship? I just hope they go home losers. I don’t care if they call the hogs or show their a$$ we just need to send em home

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Yea, They got a pretty big ovation from the fans tonight. They seemed to love the hogs and the hogs seemed to love them. Just another complainer on the board. Not surprised.

Their Coach acknowledged the ovation and the respect shown to his team. Said Fayetteville was the best baseball experience they ever had.
Their fans and our fans had a great time together today also. I think all of this way overshadows all the negative stuff thrown around here.


Easy to love em after you beat em 13-8. I am guessing they get the cheers against Nebraska, too. Would make sense.

Cheers aside, not sure NJIT has much pitching left.


Don’t like it? Last more than an inning and a third v NJIT.

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