NJ media already looking forward to Seton Hall facing

North Carolina. They give a little shout-out to the Razorbacks but you can tell, the media at least, expects them to beat the Razorbacks. And yesterday I saw others that were even more dismissive of the Razorbacks than this writer.

http://www.nj.com/setonhall/index.ssf/2 … oppor.html

"The Pirates were in, and the small gathering at head coach Kevin Willard’s house enjoyed that accomplishment for a second straight year. They earned the right to celebrate given the many years that this program has struggled just to get this far, and they know they’ll have a tough task against an Arkansas team that reached the SEC Tournament title game. "


"The Pirates have a 1:30 pm tip in lovely Greenville, S.C., and focusing on anything but a talented (if untested) Arkansas team would be silly. This is not a team that can afford to look ahead. "

Seems like the right amount of respect one would get from a NJ paper. How many of us have already penciled in a win v SH and complaining about facing UNC again?

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They are doing a good job of breaking our stats down.

Generally respectful, I’ll agree. But this from near the end of the article clearly indicates to me that folks up that way think SH will be facing NC in the second round.

"No one expects that the Pirates will win it all. Most of the amateur bracketologists that pick them to win the first game will inevitably cross out their name in the second round against a North Carolina program that came within a 3-pointer of winning the title last season.

But upsets, if you haven’t heard, are what put the madness in March. So facing the talented Tar Heels isn’t a curse; it’s an opportunity. You want to announce that the Pirates are back as a tournament contender? Then take care of business against Arkansas and stun the world two days later.

Not that anyone can speak these words now …"

I wouldn’t compare this message board to the media. I’m sure there is a SH message board out there complaining about UNC