Nitty Gritty Report

… is basically an RPI from D1Baseball and is one of the very few things that you can view on D1 without some sort of subscription. They now make you pay just to see scores. I’ve been stubborn and unwilling to pay. But after this past weekend and not finding the scores that I want to see, I’m about ready to pony up.

D1Baseball Nitty Gritty Report

Warren Nolan Baseball RPI

I do know that Kendall Rogers was in Fayetteville this weekend. He promised a story on Arkansas for Sunday. I am not a subscriber so I can’t tell you if it’s done and if it’s ready. He’s a solid reporter. He bounced up and down from the area the scouts are at and the press box. He made me tired just watching how he got around the ball park from the start until the end. He was keeping up with about 40 games and tweeting the entire time. That approach kinda ruins baseball!

Agreed Clay, that would spoil a good game (or a bad game) for me.

BTW, I did pony up for the scores only, not the articles. $9.99 bought me one year worth of scores. has scores for ranked teams, but no way to search for other scores. An NCAA page has scores for everyone and a way to see conference results, but they don’t seem to update until the next day.

I have a full subsrciption to D1Baseball, and have yet to see the promised article about us.

Kendall said it was going to be Sunday. Oh well.

They Talked to Kendall for a couple innings the other night ,he was obviously very impressed with us .

It’s up now. I posted the link in a separate thread (and now below). But you have to be a subscriber to read most of it.

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