Nitpicking on a Tuesday night

I was just reading Bob Holt’s WHS story on the women’s soccer team and its upcoming exhibition match.

Bob mentioned that the team returns 12 starters.


Soccer teams are 11 a side. No offense and defense. I guess it could be that they return 12 girls who started a match at some point last season, but that’s not what he said.

The good news is that his three-paragraph blurb never contains the UA,F title.

I noticed the same thing. Could it be that we had a girl who started in 2015 who missed the 2016 season due to injury? I was also thrilled to read a Bob Holt article that did not include a UA-Fayetteville reference.

They changed lineup a lot because of injuries. They played 16-18 girls. This team is both deep and talented. One of the incoming freshmen played on the national team this summer.