If we win a couple more games, do we stand a chance of getting into the NIT? And, would we take it?

i would, a young teams needs as much time on the court as they can get. not sure we will be invited however.

Beat Vandy and Bama and win one game in the SECT would be 18-15. That gets us in. Our current NET is 74th, three more wins should get it into the 60s or even 50s. I don’t know if 17-15 would do it. 16-16 definitely wouldn’t.

I’m going to guess until proven otherwise that NET will be used about like RPI was. If you want an NCAAT at-large spot you’d better be in the top 45 but there are always exceptions, for the eyeball test or whatever. Then you have 32 spots in the NIT. Any team that wins its conference regular season but not its tournament and doesn’t get NCAAT bid is automatically in, but top 70 RPI should have a real shot there. We might just have a top 70 at 17-15.

NCAAT at-large? I think that would take winning five more and getting to the semifinal in Nashville. Not entirely impossible (we beat LSU and took Kentucky to the wire, both on the road) but very difficult. That would be 20-15 with a loss in the semifinal. Don’t think 19-15 or 19-16 gets it done. If we get to the final I think we’re in.

I’m thinking about the same thing. I think 17 wins gets us in the NIT. Which just winning out the regular season would get you 17.

For the NCAA tournament. I think winning out remainder of regular season, and depending on who we get matched up with in NCAA tournament 2 wins there may get us on the back on a the bubble with a shot, and I think 3 wins for sure will get us there.

So… just looking at the SEC standings right now (I didn’t do tiebreakers)

If season ended today we’d be the 10th seed, and Florida would be the 7th seed.

Let’s say we beat Florida, that then matches us up with the 2nd seed, which is currently LSU. Florida has NET of 35 and LSU has a NET of 13. Both of those wins would be considered Quadrant 1 wins on a neutral floor. Then in the next round play a close game against Kentucky. That ends the season at 19-15 for us. We’d have 3 quadrant 1 wins (LSU twice and Florida). This year’s bubble is historically weak, that may be enough to get us in.

TBH, I hope we get that scenario, I think both Florida and LSU are very winnable games for us. I don’t want to see Kentucky or Tennessee or a neutral court. Kentucky simply because refs will cheat for them and their fans travel well, so it’s essentially be another road game for us. And Tennessee is just the best team in the conference should be a #1 seed in NCAA tournament they are really good, and tournament is in their state, so avoiding them until the finals would be ideal.

Incorrect, I saw the “standings” listed as well, they are incorrect. LSU has the tie breaker over both TN and KY. Both TN and LSU are 14-2. LSU by tiebreaker is the #1 seed. TN is #2. Also, FL isn’t the 7th seed right now. I’m not sure who is doing the standings, but as of now they are incorrect.

I do agree with you about winning the last two, then the draw in the SECT, it may shape up in our favor. Right now we need to cheer for Bama to lose out, AR and LSU to win out, and USCe to lose out. That puts us the #9 seed playing USCe 1st game, LSU (#1 seed) second game. There is a mess at #4 so we may have to wait that one out. But avoiding both TN and KY is a necessity

LSU has the tiebreakers over both EOE and the Jellycats, and right now it’s only Tennessee anyway after they dismantled Kentucky yesterday.

I’m definitely not afraid of UK after they needed eight players to beat us Tuesday night at home. Tennessee is a bad matchup for us though.

Just posted the correct standings in another thread.

I clearly said I didn’t look at tiebreakers :). I just went off of how ESPN has the standings listed right now on their site. Obviously everything is speculation, so current standings are pointless, that’s why I didn’t waste time doing the tiebreakers, my point was responding to the OP on opinions on what it would take to make the tournament, I was just giving a scenario.

I’ve got the actual standing on the Vandy thread with tiebreakers (don’t know how both ESPN and SEC has them out of order). I didn’t realize that if aTm and us win out and Bama loses out, aTm would have the tiebreaker. We have to hope aTm loses a game.

I’ve been watching the standings since General said he had a feeling in his bones. Our first game could easily end up being USCe, 2nd LSU, 3rd FL. I like that draw. Some might not, but it’d give us a chance at the finals.

As for NIT, I think we need to get to 19 wins. I just think we are viewed as down this year. 19 maybe the key number. I said a few weeks ago, I think we need 21 to dance, winning out and winning the SECT would give us 21.

South Carolina was listed in the NIT Bracketlogy last week as a 3 Seed with 14 wins and a 93 NET, but you think we need 19 wins just to make the NIT? when we have 15 wins and a 74 NET LOL… I’m going to just let you carry on with that with that opinion…

We will see

That we will, honestly I don’t think the NIT would be the worse thing in the world for a team this young. My question is would Gafford play in the NIT or shut things down, and are we sure CMA would accept it, I would hope they would, that tournament experience is very valuable and gets the younger guys more games, I’ve seen teams really build momentum in the NIT and carry it over to the next season.

And getting back to the other question in the OP, heck yes we’d take it. Even though we’re expecting a lot of roster churn after this season, we’ll still have eight or nine returnees who would have experienced postseason play, including Bailey who would have three straight years.

I don’t get the notion that the NIT isn’t good enough for the school. The kids have busted their butts and deserve a postseason reward – especially if we get another home game or two out of the deal. If you as a fan think it’s demeaning to accept an NIT bid… get over it. You don’t get to make that decision.

To the extent that we’re competing with any SEC schools for an NIT bid… the Chickens are in big trouble. Now 14-15. NET of 95, down from 86 (we’re 74 by the way).

In 2017 the NIT clarified its rules to confirm that you don’t actually have to have a .500/+ record to get in. Thus they could take somebody like that Georgia team a few years back that played the absolutely brutal schedule and finished like 14-16. But I don’t think you have a chance with NET in the 90s.

If we are to get in, though, it would help if the mid-major conference tournaments play to form and the regular season champs wind up with their Dance tickets.

3 weeks ago there was a good chance the hogs would make the dance. Now the NIT is almost certain for our young hogs. I’ve thought for sometime now the NIT would the best experience for our young hogs.
The hogs just need to put a couple of wins in the books this week and have Alabama get beat by Auburn. The hogs may end up the 9 seed for the SEC tournament.
This is a big week.

I disagree about who is in more trouble. You’re looking at NET, like RPI. The committee is looking at Q1/2 wins and Q3/4 losses. USCe 7 good wins (7 Q1/2 wins) 2 bad losses (2 Q3/4 losses), we have 4 good wins (4 Q1/2 wins) and 2 bad losses (2 Q 3/4 losses). If I’m a committee member they have an advantage.

That’s the whole reason I don’t think 18 will get us in the NIT. We win out. Vandy at Vandy is now a Q3 game. It’s not a “good win”, but it would be a “bad loss.” Bama is a “good win” that would give us five. If I’m right (USCe is struggling right now) and they lose out, we would play them the first game of the SECT, losing 3 straight, they’d be a Q3 neutral court. So, we’d have 18 wins and 4 “good wins”, they have 14 wins and 7 “good wins.” That’s the issue. We need another win against Q1/2. Maybe two more (19/20 wins total) for the NIT. If we get 21, we win the SECT and it don’t matter, we dance.

Edit, here are the current SEC standings with Q breakdowns (Q1/2 good wins) (Q3/4 bad losses):

  1. LSU (16-5) (8-0)
  2. TN (12-3) (13-0)
  3. KY (14-5) (10-0)
  4. USCe (7-13) (6-2)
  5. Miss St (11-8) (10-0)
  6. Ole Miss (7-10) (12-0)
  7. AUB (11-9) (8-0)
  8. FL (8-10) (9-2)
  9. Bama (8-11) (9-1)
  10. AR (4-12) (11-2)
  11. aTm (6-12) (7-3)
  12. Missery (6-15) (7-0)
  13. GA (3-16) (8-2)
  14. Vandy (3-18) (6-2)

If they win enough games, don’t let go of the head coach and are offered a bid, I have no doubt they would take it.

More revenue to funnel to the so-called minor sports.

I agree with you, also a question. I remember Heath turning down an invite, people are saying it was the NIT, but wasn’t it the CBI or a tourney similar to that?

Get this. According to the SEC “Road to Nashville” release updated today, the Chickens would get the DOUBLE BYE if the tournament started now as the fourth-placed team. But they could also fall to 8th very quickly.

If the tournament started today, Wednesday would be TAM-Vandy and Misery-Georgia. Thursday would be Ole Miss vs AM-V, Arkansas-Auburn, Moo U vs Miz-Ga and Florida-Bama. And the Chickens wouldn’t play until Friday.

It is correct that if there’s a three-way tie involving us, Bama and TAM, the Ags would get the 9 seed. They beat Bama twice and split with us, we’d be 2-1 against the other two and Bama would be 0-3. Bama would have to lose to us and Auburn for that to happen, but it is certainly possible. We win the two-way tiebreak with A&M because we beat LSU and they didn’t.

We have not accepted a bid to one of those pay-to-play tournaments, such as the CBI. I don’t recall that we turned one down either but perhaps that did happen under Stan; 2005 would seem to be the contender when we were 18-12.

It was the NIT

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, Heath spoke for the team in announcing they would not accept an invitation to the NIT end of year basketball tournament. This followed an end of year slide which resulted in the loss of 5 of the last 6 games. The team finished with an 18–12 overall record.