NIT to test new rules

NCAA, which owns the NIT, announced that this year’s second-string tournament will feature four 10-minute quarters and different court markings, including an NBA-style 16-foot-wide lane and the FIBA three-point line, which is 20 inches deeper than the current arc.

We won’t be in the NIT, thank goodness, but Macon and CJ could definitely handle the longer 3, and a wider lane would give more room for Gafford to operate.

Will these changes become part of the rulebook, as the four-foot arc under the basket did and the 30-second shot clock (both tried first in the NIT)?

Swine I noticed this as well. I really don’t like the idea.
I was wondering what you thought of today’s stuff from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm?

Check that thread, Army. Already posted there.

Ok I will.

I like playing quarters, probably combined with something like the women do on the foul limit. Moving the line back would change the game, a lot. I think you probably would have to consider widening the lane if you move the arc back.

Right now defenses have to play the 3 point line against decent shooting teams, so I don’t think the lanes being clogged is that big a problem. Move the arc out and coaches will clog things up. If a three point shooter stands just behind the line and makes 4-10, that’s twelve points on ten shots. If those are two point baskets then he only gets eight points. So more coaches will go back to pounding the ball inside rather than trying to beat teams with jump shots, and naturally teams will have more defenders in or very near the paint.

If you move the arc and widen the lane, there will be some ugly basketball in large doses for a while, because of the very, very large number of college players who are lousy mid and short range shooters, and the NBA experience shows that good three point shooting from deep is something that takes most players longer than the average college career to develop.

I have advocated going to the FIBA rules for a long time.

I love the idea of moving the line back and widening the lane

Is there any justification to have different rules for college, NBA and FIBA? I always wonder.