It’s hard I think we have to wait 2 more years to Be good. Watching other teams with first or second year coaches are playing more like a team with intention. I don’t know what the answer is but I’m pretty sure it isn’t Mike. I just don’t understand it, he led two other programs to a legit NCAA tourney runs but it’s clearly BOT working here. If we don’t have a great year next year, and that means more than just first round of tourney, he needs to go. Star class or not

M A has proven he can win with talent. At the other 2 programs you speak of and here at AR. He had a load of talent at Mizzu and won big there. 2 years ago with BP and MQ and supporting cast we saw us win. Then a series of ill circumstances happened - early departures, dismissed player & suspended players, bad recruiting class and so on, that takes time to recover from.

MA is getting the talent back and it will reflect in the Win column.

glad to be wrong tonight. Hope Mike and this team can make me eat my words

5-1 in last 6 SEC road games


Hey fellas, I love Mike Anderson. I really want him to be the guy that makes us consistent Tourney team again. But the jury is still out on this year, we have a razor thin margin to make the tourney. If we miss again, are you guys gonna come on here with your facts…like currently one trip to dance and a hard road to make it this year

I am constantly amazed by two things about our fans:

  1. Our willingness to give up on our team early - in a game , in a season, etc.

  2. Our fans believing that the worst of our team is the norm.

Good teams win when they seen not at their best. Like tonight. And last week at A&m. This is a good team. And getting better. Enjoy it.


I think our fans are spoiled by how they think things used to be (not how they actually were). Our best teams had to win some wars on the road in the SEC. I can remember Scotty Thurman sticking one late to win at Knoxville when we played horribly, and sticking another one to win in OT at Vandy in a similar situation. I’d rather not have to overcome down-6 in the last 48 seconds, but isn’t it nice to know we can?

Not folding up on the road is a definite sign of improvement. Not really ready to call this a good team. Some of these offensive sets they run, and defensive lapses make you scratch your head. But I’m not giving up on it either. Very good win tonight.

17 posts. Please post less.

Comments: Talking about wishful thinking,

Appreciate the backlash. I’m glad we won. I’m not rooting for them to lose. And I’ve been reading HI the magazine for over 20 years and the message board when it came along as well. I rarely post, but I will damn sure do it when I want. It’s an opinion Board. If any of you believed we would only go to the Dance once in 5 years when he came back, then your expectations were lower than mine. It was sickening watching him win at UAB and Mizzou while we sat in mediocrity, so yeah I expected more by now. The NIT this year would be unacceptable. As I said, I hope we don’t slip up bc a loss today would have all but sealed our destination.

It was a joke. Kinda like your original post. If you don’t want people to make fun of it, bring more to the table.

I agree that the NIT this year would be unacceptable and that there would be no excuse for it.

But, the rest of your post and your response are what make it so uninformed and therefore worthy of being labeled as suck.

Thinking that a loss today would have sealed our fate just had ZERO basis in reality. Zero. None. Nada.

Vandy isn’t great but they aren’t bad. They just won at Fla a few days ago. They were favored.

Lunardi, who is almost always correct had us solidly in the field on the 8-9 line before tonight. We were Top 30 RPI before tonight and had very solid #s in the other computer metrics the Committee uses.

There just isn’t any objective evidence that a loss to Vandy would have kept us out of the Ncaat.

It makes no sense, and not just posting it, but then doubling down on the notion after people messed with you–is what makes it wrong-headed.

I can’t remember the name of the ESPN guy last week on Bo show but the guy basically said we have 2 games left that secure big notice of the selection committee, Florida and South Carolina on road, we don’t win one of those, we can make it. But he said we can’t afford any slip ups in conference. Basically said RPI was not as important. I like Lunardi but we are hardly a lock. Who have we beaten?

Let me add, I would much rather celebrate being wrong. I’m really glad they turned it on tonight.

No one is saying we are a lock. But you just posted multiple times that if we lost at Vandy we were toast.

And, the same guy you’re referencing on Bo’s show said he thought we were in prior to the Vandy game.

Losing at Vandy wouldn’t have been a slip-up. That’s the point. They were 3.5 point favorites. Look around the country. College teams lose on the road to lesser teams all the time. Three of the top 4 teams in the country lost on the road, tonight, including UK at Knoxville (where we won).

If you don’t like RPI, pick one of the other metrics–we are in solid shape in all of them.

But, more than anything it was just a big overstatement. It’s wasn’t a must win and wasn’t even an expected win.

It was gravy. Good gravy.

I could understand if you said you aren’t ready to call them a “great” team - simply because they are not.

But 16-4 with three true road wins and one neutral site win doesn’t at least get you “good?”

Doesn’t that leave the only other choices as average and bad?

And I was on the show with Bo when Jerry Palm came on

He was stressing points like a name win, 20-plus wins, etc.

He also said “I could be wrong.”

Yea, I heard that when he was on. I know you commented at the end of the interview, I’m glad you said something. Because I was scratching my head when he was saying we basically had to win @FL or @SC to get in the tournament. Also that 24-25 wins wouldn’t necessarily get us in. I know he’s suppose to be an expert, but if he thinks there’s going to be 36 at-large teams with pretty looking resumes he’s going to be disappointed.

I think the point is nothing is guaranteed for us before the conference tournaments drama and selection Sunday… unless we either win 25-losing at Gainesville and Columbia. Or if we do manage to beat a top 25 team on the road, then we should be good with maybe 21-22.

I think it is great that opinion was put out there. Because a team that has been to the dance only once in the past five years should definitely not be celebrating in January with 16 wins.

We will celebrate because that win last night was awesome, but not because it was number 16. Just keep winning…

And I like our chances. Granted I’ve had to lower my expectations since this season tip off when I thought we should be an elite eight team, as I do every year. But I think it is safe to say the expectations bottomed out a couple weeks ago and they are solidly on the rise again. I’m done with this NIT thread xxx three nails in that coffin for Daryl’s three free throws.

See you on the bracketology boards :sunglasses: