Nine bowl games now off because of COVID

Sun Bowl just joined the list. But I don’t see any on the SEC bowl list.

Those not playing: Bahamas, Celebration, Fenway (yes, in Boston), Hawaii, Holiday, Motor City, Pinstripe and Redbox (I had to look up Redbox; it’s in the 49ers stadium in Santa Clara). And now the Sun.

I always enjoy watching the Sun Bowl; something kind of fascinating about it to me.

The Las Vegas Bowl has not determined whether it will be played. That is an SEC bowl this year.

That doesn’t surprise me. Nevada’s COVID rate is about 50% above Arkansas’ at the moment. And public gatherings in Nevada are limited to 50 people, subject to change in mid-December.

I guess I’m out of touch on all of these bowls. Can’t even recall some on that list. Bahamas, Celebration, Fenway, Redbox?
Pinstripe Bowl - Is that in honor of refs or convicts? If it’s the refs We should never play in that one.

It’s in honor of the Yankees’ uniforms. Played in Yankee Stadium. Current tie-ins are ACC and Big Ten.

Fenway would have been a first-year bowl this year.

Redbox used to be the San Francisco Bowl and played in the Giants’ ballpark before it moved to Santa Clara.

Bahamas has been around for a few years; in 2014 Central Michigan scored 34 points in the fourth quarter to come back from a big deficit but failed on a two-point try that would have won the game over Western Kentucky.

The Celebration Bowl is in Atlanta and matches the winners of the MEAC and SWAC, since neither one participates in the FCS playoffs. But neither conference is even playing this fall

And of course the dwindling number of bowl games reduces the possibility of Hogs getting a bowl spot at 4-6 or whatever our final record is.

However, even with only 30 bowls*, Stewart Mandel of The Athletic today projects us to Houston against K-State.

  • – Still too many IMHO

Obviously, bowls can be played without fans. ESPN is counting on having those games – since they own almost all of them. It’s content. They really don’t need fans to attend, just teams to play. They are playing games in the Las Vegas stadium so I expect they will play the game. Things can change, but my guess is that Las Vegas Bowl is played.

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I’d think the hogs will get a bowl if there are 30 & we get the 4th win. Might get it if we only have 3, but less likely. That’s 60 slots. Not many teams will win more than 4 games this year simply because so many will play 10 games or less. We’re an SEC team & we’ll get preference over lower tier B12 & P12 teams. Certainly preference over teams in the bottom half of their conferences in the G5 group.

The losers this bowl season will be the conferences affiliated with the bowls that are canceling. I could see 10 or more SEC teams getting a bowl invitation, which would include some with poor records.

I think Arkansas will get a bowl bid, regardless of whether the Razorbacks win another game.

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The Las Vegas Bowl has been canceled.

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