Whatever ones thoughts are on the greedy NCAA, or players deserving to earn money based on what they bring to the University. NIL is out of control. Some have compared it to free agency, but even free agrncy has a contract to honor. NIL is a free for all battle royale for every key player after each season. Money has literally destroyed the most beautiful system of athletics ever assembled. Love of team and school are dead. For now.

The NCAA needs to come up with a system like baseball. The initial scholarship must be honored for 2 to 3 years, as a contract to the school and coaches for developing the athlete. If you dont get through the initial contract you would sit out a year. Athletes would need guaranteed contracts covered by insurance in the event of injury. Caps also would need to be put into place. What has become evident though is that no matter how loose you make the rules. Some schools, especially two in central Texas (spit!), are going to cheat.

This deal was not very well thought out.

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There was no thinking involved. High courts ruled players could get paid for their Name Image and Likeness. Nothing the NCAA, SEC or any college could do.


The deal was very well thought out. After the NCAA lost the Court Case, all the NCAA haters celebrated. Finally! The players were freed from servitude and were free to make money for their services. You haters then took the extra step and spiked the ball in the NCAA’s faces. At the time, you didn’t care about what would happen next. The hated NCAA got humbled and that’s all that mattered. The NCAA then determined, if they want the Wild West, they can have it. Well, you got it. And now you and yours are wringing your hands complaining the NIL isn’t what you thought it would’ve. You demand the hated NCAA do something. The NCAA should tell you to pound sand.You got everything you wanted. And everything that goes with it.

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The NCAA is the schools. They make their own rules. The NCAA is not the bad guy. The schools (Presidents and ADs) did this to themselves.


Cry me a river for the NCAA, conferences, universities, etc.

While there have been modest changes to the college football player (employee) benefit model, they were slow to come and the system was largely unchanged. Same basic model that’s been in existence for decades

But the benefits for those running the system (employers) have increased astronomically as a result of the decision made to cede control of college athletics to large corporate media conglomerates in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars. Athletic Departments have become bloated bureaucracies, coaching salaries skyrocketing, facility arms races, and so on.

As I mentioned in another thread, when the Arkansas offensive coordinator is making $175,000 in 2006 and 16 years later the same position pays $1,200,000 you can’t, with a straight face, say that the benefits model for the on field talent needs to be what it’s been for decades with just a few enhancements.

NIL could have been prevented if the power structure of college athletics had embraced change in a more substantive fashion and in a more timely manner.


Somewhat guilty. My disgust with the ncaa was their arbitrary behavior toward enforcement, and yes i thought they were too nitpicky about denying bennies for athletes (such as assistance to go home when necessary, etc.) IMO, they are once again being derelict in their duties. So the ncaa swinging to the extreme in the opposite direction is just as negligent.



I agree with most of your post, but servitude? I wish I could have had some servitude to pay off my tuition, room and board, etc. in college. But, I guess the college part went out the window a while back.

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