NIL! Wow!

My new soapbox—SabaNations new QB , Bryce Young, who has yet to play or start for Bama this year, is already approaching the $1M NIL mark, per Saban at the Texas HS Coaches Association.

Anyone know who is paying Bryce Young?

Saban just recruited the best players in next years class with that statement.

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My guess, a few companies owned by supporters of the Bama program. One could probably check with Paul, Jr to find the list supporting their existing players, and commits, lol.

Or maybe he’s just saying it and it isn’t true. One heckuva recruiting tactic whether true or not

And so it begins… 20 plus 4/5 stars in the usual Bama class just added more 5 stars.

Wait until the endless Texas oil money starts to flow. Their teams will reap the benefits of indirect payments to players seeking the highest bidder.

And so the rich get richer!

Capital goes where it is wanted and treated well. Nuff said.

True indeed.

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