NIL question

Is the NIL money paid in lump sum or in a weekly/monthly distribution? Is there a bonus opportunity based on stats or games played? If team is playing in bowl game, does player have to stay with team to continue to get paid? Would he earn a bonus for playing in the bowl game?

It all depends on the contract the player signs with the NIL $ provider. Depending on the contract, the answers to your questions could be yes, no or maybe.

For instance, Notae can be paid a fee if he appears at a function to sign autographs even though he is no longer on the team. Battles was paid a one time fee to make an ad for UAMS. The 2021 offensive line made an ad for a Little Rock law firm. It is my understanding they are paid a small amount each time the ad is shown (think small here).

As NIL becomes more defined I’m certain the folks with $ will structure any number of penalty clauses to protect their investment.

Thx for reply. I get what you are saying on the smaller level. What do you think about the big dollar players? Let’s say a&m ‘s incoming class. Have you heard of any performance or finish the season stipulations?

I know each deal is different, But I have a difficult time understanding how you would “invest” in a 18 yr old without some accountability structure.

I can’t tell you about A&M.

Locally I know that NIL was such a new thing people went off on rabbit trails without thinking about future consequences. Now that the terrain has begun to level out, the companies I know who are providing NIL funds are thinking about penalty clauses for any number of things along with rewards if certain goals are achieved.

And maybe penalties for bad actors, like things that would reflect poorly on the image of the company and/or university? For big bucks that is a reasonable request.

The Aggies are still doing their thing with NIL. They are telling everyone to go f----themselves.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when a player misses a performance goal because the coach pulled them to keep them from getting injured in a blowout or if they want to rotate players for a variety of reasons.

In that situation the coach is not only pulling the player but potentially pulling their money too.

This is from the NCAA website.
“NIL agreements must be based on an independent, case-by-case analysis of the value that each athlete brings to an NIL agreement as opposed to providing compensation or incentives for enrollment decisions (e.g., signing a letter of intent or transferring), athletic performance (e.g., points scored, minutes played, winning a contest), achievement (e.g., starting position, award winner) or membership on a team (e.g., being on roster).”

I know of one NIL provider who gives an incentive if the player(s) make the All SEC Academic Honor Roll. I wonder if that falls within these regs.

I also wonder who is doing the independent case by case analysis.

If it is like the rest of the NCAA investigations and enforcement, they’ll be done with the 2022 review in 5-8 years. LOL

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