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So the ncaa is proposing new nil rules with retroactive enforcement against donors who contact kids about nil deals before signing letter of intent with school?

I do not see how this is tenable or legal. If I’m a big Arkansas booster and I want to make a long term advertising deal with the next great Arkansas kid like say Bobby Portis when he is 14 years old who is going to stop me under current laws? The ncaa needs to stay in their lane. Amateurism is a fraud! You can’t ban these kids from making money while adults profit off the whole youth sports industry. That’s the whole point. And the ncaa can’t stop them from going to college and playing sports while they get a degree just because a kid decides to make money off his Instagram and YouTube like some 12 year old video gamer or pre teen tic toc dancer. It’s legal. Get over it.

This will not work. Won’t stand up in court. I think the NCAA knows this. They are just going through the motions and then telling the public “We tried”.

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