NIL is not all bad for the game

Cam Little is doing something similar for Downs syndrome kids in NWA. Not that high a dollar figure though, but the NWA group is at $65,000 toward a goal of $80,000.

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My prediction is that NIL will (or already has) wreck some locker rooms. It is not all bad. But isn’t all good either.


I’m not really sure what’s going to happen here. If you bring in oversight and regulation, you’re only a step removed from what was there: cheating, violations, sanctions.

What can you do at the point but let it play out?

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Well, it’s called growing up. Get used to the guy beside you making 2x as much money even though you think you’re just as good. That’s life.


If they get to where they want to get (the NFL), there will be a lot of people making minimum, or veteran’s minimum, and a few people making many times that. So yeah, get used to it.


That kind of post won’t make the issues and locker room issues go away. Some teams will overcome it. Some will not.

Wait, what? There are issues in locker rooms? :money_mouth_face:

There’s always issues in the locker room and always will be. Nil is just another reason for a whiner to whine.

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I get your point, but I am hearing otherwise from different coaches around the country. Typically, they have not been complainers.

It wrecked OU’s locker room this past season. Clay is correct - coaches are having a hard time handling it per a former coach I know that still has lots of friends in the business.

Given that sky rocketing coaching salaries are a contributor to the environment that led to NIL, I don’t have any sympathy for them but that’s beside the point.

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When the ewers kid is getting 125 bucks to sign something and hasn’t played a down, yeah I can see where it is causing a lot of problems in locker rooms all over.

I imagine inexperienced coaches will struggle.

From the very first time I heard about NIL.that was my first reaction Clay. How was this going to affect the locker room especially if you start losing and the player getting the money is not playing the way they had been or were expected to…I always thought it was kind of like lighting a fuse and letting it slowly fizzle you just hope it don’t blow up the whole team.

It is happening no matter the school, the coach or the experience of the coach. It will continue. NIL deals have split apart longtime friendships in the locker room and frustrated teammates who cannot get one cent while a backup with the right connection pulls in thousands. Some of it makes little sense to anyone.

Pretty much like real life … “it’s who you know.”

If it breaks longtime friendships they were never friends. I want the best for my longtime friends always. There’s not a scenario I can imagine otherwise.

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Does not change my original premise that it can and has been tough on locker rooms. If someone tells me that is happening, I tend to believe them. You don’t have to. Lol

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It also happens in business. Someone gets an award, a promotion or recognition and another team member gets jealous. It can be a cancer if not addressed. I’ve had to look more than a few in the eye and hash it out. Unfortunately many times its a character flaw that ends poorly.

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Paid players have been happening long before NIL was even a thought. Many in the tens of thousands, along with new cars.