NIL for Instate kids to Walk on

Is there an NIL program that provides incentives to in-state kids that walk-on for football? Just curious how that might work where a kid like CJ Turner that just lost his scholarship at CU could get a chance to play at the U of A even without a scholarship to give.


I don’t know the answer, but I have been saying for a year that one of the effects of NIL is the effective end to scholarship limits. There are still, as I understand it, limits to how many players can be on the TEAM, but the effect of NIL will be to end scholarship limits.

I realize everybody always wants “more” but it isn’t hard to imagine how unimportant it would be to be “on scholarship” (worth about $30,000 a year) to a guy who is getting over a $1,000,000 in NIL money.

Also, to the true “walk on” if there was a program that gave him enough NIL money to equal the value of a scholarship, then he is in effect “on scholarship” without counting against the 85 limit (or 12 or whatever the limit is in the particular sport)

There could be technicalities. The NCAA has scholarship limits (85) and roster limits (125). A freshman has to be at least a preferred walkon to report for July/August practice. Non-preferred walkons have to wait until school starts, I think. I don’t know the rules for summer workouts with team members in university facilities. Early HS graduates (new freshmen reporting in January) to go through spring practice and spring workouts would almost have to be scholarship players.

BYU is already doing it per this SI article- BYU football NIL deal to pay walk-on players' tuition - Sports Illustrated.

Just curious if the RF was planning anything similar. Seems like we could at least get some sponsors for home grown kids.

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