NIL discussion on Finebaum today

Just barely got into a conversation with Paul today about NIL. From what I picked up was that specific NIL deals are covered in confidentiality, you cannot offer recruits specific deals (can only say your position in this conference can possibly earn $xxx), that from a high level view (again no specifics) QB’s in the SEC are $100K and up, RB’s are up to $90K, other position players are much less. I can see how certain programs can cheat on this by actually offering a guarantee for some recruits or transfers. Swine or Matt, can you guys kind of verify if this is accurate information? I can see why Sam isn’t comfortable with it, the runway has been greased and ready for the slimy programs to exploit the program unless we get some sort of real tight oversight.

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Did they not mention bonuses, as was mentioned in another thread ($1.8M)?

Exactly right!! “Signing Bonus” is the work around for saying a position is worth X amount of money. So even if conferences make some sort of position cap / breakdown (which I’m not sure is legal under the current structure), Ye Ole Signing Bonus will be the goto method.

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No, didn’t hear anything about sign in bonuses. Like I said, caught it in the middle. But the guy kept it a a 30,000 foot view and couldn’t talk about any specifics. Pretty much said they looked at data from results so far. Sounds like corruption for at least a few years, until it turns out fans totally lose interest and college football becomes nothing more than a minor league. If it’ a playing field that’s not level, I’m out.

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I feel for Jeff. But @NCAAFootball rules are a joke. The Wild West is open for business again.


Something to think on… NIL did not cause this wild west environment that we are now seeing explode across the college landscape. That genie cannot be put back in the bottle. NIL is here and its here to stay.

The true creator of the wild west is the relaxation of the rules governing the transfer portal. It allows players and or coaches the opportunity to be mercenary and through back channels seek better deals or to poach better talent from teams. The NIL is just the carrot being used, the portal is the engine driving the car.

The portal is something the NCAA / conferences do have the ability to regulate. While many say that there is very little that can legally be done with the NIL, the exploitation of the portal is a completely controllable matter and I suspect that sooner rather than later that will be addressed. I look for those rules to be what brings a bit of law back into the the world of college football and tames the wild west environment. What that might be at this point I have no idea, but I think the freedom to pop in and out of the portal with no consequence will eventually become a thing of the past.


AS will a lot of people.

BTW all the pined topics at the top are pretty much worthless.

Wonder if Jeff Traylor will be that concerned about UTSA if aTm or UT come calling for him?


Why do y’all keep saying folks will lose interest in college football if it becomes just like pro sports. First of all it already is and secondly do you not believe the NFL is by far the most popular spectator sport in America? Y’all are happy to pay thousands of dollars every year to the Razorback foundation but can’t stomach a 20 year old man making a taxable income? But you’re not gonna stop watching espn or paying those foundation dues for tickets, never.

Also I have a really great idea to up our NIL game and put the collegiate back in college football. We should offer recruits scholarships… to better schools than Arkansas after they’re done playing. Like go ahead and take your cultural studies and bowling classes to retain eleigibiliy and focus on the football job and then when football is over have a nice full ride scholarship waiting on you to get a professional degree from any institution in the country. There’s tax benefits for all sides in this form of compensation as well. And I don’t see anything against the law about putting terms on NIL endorsement contracts such as you must maintain a primary residency in the state of Arkansas for the full duration of employment by our organization for the role of Arkansas spokesman/cover boy, and signing bonus will be paid 50% up front and 50% on completion of two year employment contract

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Because y’all keep saying this!

Nobody cares what I say but it’s a game! For the love of the game, FB, BB, Baseball (not soccer)

I’m close to stop paying thousands of bucks to the foundation, that’s just me…

Nothing has really changed as it has NEVER been a level playing field. The only difference is that it is just now all out in the open.

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That is why Alabama, Ou, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, Auburn have been the top recruiting teams for ages. They have taken care of players and families under the table for years.

The $ are much greater now that pay for play is allowed & open where players will be more inclined to follow the money when deciding where to play vs recruiting under the table pay. The rich schools will therefore get richer.

At least now the players need to report pay as taxable income & payers issue 1099s which makes payments more open & public than before & subject to IRS tax & enforcement - unlike recruiting inducements.

My only hope & expectations for NIL are eventual salary caps among Div1 schools, same as NFL. Otherwise the rich schools buy their championships & fans for most other schools will lose interest.

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