NIL discomfort: Because it's wrong, or just different?

Interesting musings from Stewart Mandel (paywall).


Nice article…

For those without paywall access, here is how to read it.

#1 When you first open the page, do not scroll down that will active the block that prevents reading it.
#2 For those on computers (I don’t do phone so it may or may not work) you need to press CTRL-A (that is the old shortcut for select all)
#3 Then press CTRL-C (that’s the old shortcut for Copy)
#4 open any sort of text editor or word processer and then press CTRL-P (that’s the old shortcut for Paste)

The whole page should be pasted in your editor and you just have to scroll to the article to read it.

It looks like a lot of work but just basically 3 key presses to read it: CTRL-A, CTRL-C, & CTRL-P
easy peasy

You’ve made your position abundantly clear, Bob: Any change for any reason is bad.

Imagine thinking one consenting adult paying another consenting adult to play sports is wrong.

We send 18 year olds off to die in a foreign land, but paying an 18 year old money to catch a football is wrong.

I’ll never understand that mindset

I think most people will agree that, since major college sports are a big business, college athletes at least deserve to receive some benefit financially.

I think the murkiness of what’s going on right now concerns a lot of people. Nobody really seems to be in charge or know where to draw the lines. Are there even any lines anymore?

This guy has made several tweets this week (including this one) detailing some of what’s happening:

1 million to the agent? He decides to share with the player or takes his cut and the rest goes to the player. Yep, murky describes it perfectly.

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