NIL and Transfer Portal Future

Quinn Ewers, a top qb recruit, from Southlake, Texas, high school left school early last year and enrolled in Ohio State U to take advantage of the NIL money. Rumour has it that he got about $1 million dollars. Well he took his money and high tailed it back to Texas to play at UT. Not sure if the sponsors have any recourse to get their money back.

Ewers’ mega deal was to sign autographs. He can do that just as well at Texass as Tattoo U.

Speaking of Texass QBs, I saw Casey Thompson is in the portal.

Would be shocked if there weren’t protections for the businesses and the kid in the contracts.

Obviously, if Ewers had signed a deal with a car dealer in Columbus (which he may have; the link says he had two other NIL deals along with the big one), everything would have changed with his transfer. But to sign autographs, presumably to be sold in card shops and on the Internet? He could do that in Austin, or anywhere else you can get a FedEx/DHL package of stuff to sign,

Winters in Columbus compared to winters in Austin, that’s a terrible measuring stick. I have family and friends all over Ohio
and a dozen or more have relocated to AZ, TX, TN, and FL and weather (and more money) factored into their decisions. Say goodbye Columbus.

It seems to me that a car dealer who pays out that kind of money would have to overcharge a lot of customers to get that much revenue.

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There was a story somewhere online that discussed this. At least one of his major NIL deals was with a local car dealership. It was a 3-year deal with protections built in for the dealer in case of transfer (per the dealer’s own words). They ran ads all fall with his image driving a truck they provided for him.

Dealer made a joke that they’ll probably run new ads during their bowl game that have been re-edited to poke fun at him pulling out of town. Be careful what you sign over your likeness for.

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