NIL and how to buy players

Shocked it took Bama boosters this long to get the million in his account … Saban will be making phone calls to hasten the process for a few other positions.

That’s the new reality. We can wring our hands that the old way is gone, or we can make it work for us. We sure weren’t getting there in football the old way. Sometimes a change presents opportunities. Muss figured out how to work the portal before anyone else and it took us to the Elite Eight. This is another change that presents opportunity. Maybe Clemson can’t do what Alabama is apparently doing. Remember that 15 years ago, our program was in better shape than Clemson’s.

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If the financially elite schools get richer by loading up on well paid talent & no opportunity for lesser schools to compete, can’t see fans from have-not schools remaining interested in college sports. This will destroy college sports & dry up tv, athletics, & school revenues .

If you look around the NCAA, there are only a handful of schools that are capable of elite status.

Over past 10 yrs. annual donations to UofA athletics have ranged from $25M to $47M. UofA athletic dept may need to encourage some donors to re-designate some of their gifts to NIL payments to players.

Money goes to the talent, not the bureaucrats.

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Facilities are nice, and we’re going to have to replace Barnhill soon, but I’d rather donors spend the money on talent acquisition than three more deputy assistant ADs for counting shoulder pads.



Plus BWA is in the pipeline for a major remodel. Most other facilities are upgraded unless needing to expand capacities at Baum or elsewhere.

BWA redo should essentially pay for itself in expanded premium seating options (suites, etc). It’ll come a lot closer than a new Barnhill for instance. Of course what they could do is make sure that the reworked BWA is suitable for gymnastics and volleyball instead of a new 5000-seat place for both. UCLA does all three in Pauley Pavilion, for instance. Curtain off the upper deck if it needs to be more intimate.

Regarding the money to players versus to bureaucrats, if the bureaucrats are just taking up space then yes they are a lesser priority for sure, but one man’s bureaucrat may be another critical contributor (the Alabama program does not seem to lack for people and it is hard to argue results there).

The die has been cast, so not intending to be crying over spilled milk, but the huge donations that paid for facilities have created wonderful venues for the athlete to showcase their talent, but more importantly to train and develop skills that might carry them to their dreams, either athletically, academically or best case scenario both. So if one has to make choices in directing money, the competitive facilities a school markets itself with, may lose some of their leverage.

If wondering if the change is direction is going to be good for the game and in particular the University of Arkansas is hand wringing, I am not nearly as insulted as possibly intended. I am certain I do not know what the ultimate impact will be, but my optimism is challenged here.

Venn diagram of people who don’t like NIL and people who think Texas is our rival…

… it’s a circle

One point of clarification. Old Hog fans like me never thought Texass was a rival. We fully understood we were way down on their list. Always after OU, A&M for sure. And that sparked our hatred even more (realizing we were and afterthought). You had to live through the years of the SWC injustices to fully understand.

But your point is (most likely) right on. Personally I’m over it. Too many Important things to worry about.

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Per growing up in Houston in the '60s & 70’s & many friends being ut alumni, recognize that Arkansas was a primary ut rival during SWC days. ut bitterly hated Arkansas & anything associated with the Hogs. We were a thorn in ut’s side & often the obstacle to them dominating the SWC in football & especially basketball. As Clay stated in an earlier post, ut’s AD Dodds would have blocked Arkansas entry in the Big12, same as they did UofH & other schools that ut deemed as unworthy or that had dominated ut in sports.

OU was & remains a ut rival & more so since both are in the Big12. Understand most OU fans would like to exit the Big 12 due to hatred of ut. aTm was usually irrelevant in SWC play, but their proximity & being the other large Texas university made them a natural ut rivalry but more so for aTm than for ut.

What has changed since we joined the SEC is that ut has moved past Arkansas & the SWC days. However, Arkansas still hangs onto its hatred & bitterness towards ut - in part due to the '69 shootout.

Labeling and ridiculing those who have questions or possibly see different aspects of the coming changes hardly seems compelling arguments supporting one’s certainty. Seems a pretty popular approach these days.

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Sorry coach, I can’t practice today because I have to shoot a commercial.

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It’s now on the table instead of under it.

It’s not been that innocent

Even at Arkansas, which some of our fans seem to not believe or want to believe.

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