Nike paying for hoops players too

Per emails and text messages from a Nike exec. Including a very interesting exchange with one of Calipari’s minions.

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And in other breaking news, Arkansas gets hot in the summer.

No way. They outwork everyone. Nike is legit.


Who didn’t think Nike was right in the middle of this scandal?

And the shoe companies/schools/coaches/street agents will cry deny, deny, deny. And most likely will get away without any repercussions.


Everyone knows recruiting is equal and fair across the board. It’s a level, honorable,fair, and equal playing field with all coaches devoted to the highest level of respect and care for the game and are the guardians of high character in the game, and the beacons of moral light shining on the sport.
Some are just better people and work harder and are better at fair and equal recruiting than others.

Gives new meaning to “Just Do It” and then buy players/facilities for the Ducks…

These shoe companies will just “buy” their own justice. It’s the greedy world we live in now and everyone has their hand out including some in the justice system and especially the powers to be in the good ole righteous NCAA.
There will be pawns & scapegoats take the fall, and payed well for it probably. While the blue bloods slither through unscathed.

And the list of basketball powers currently on NCAA probation include the following big time programs…(sarcasm)

Southern Mississippi

Louisville is the only program on probation that could be considered “big time”. And even the NCAA could not ignore their sleazy/cheating ways.


Wouldn’t surprise me if Pitino landed a job in the SEC, he would be in close company.

Don’t worry. The NCAA will get to the bottom of this scandal! Teams like LSU, MSU, Auburn, and a plethora of other Blue Blood programs are quaking in thier boots. Just ask SF and Baked. Right guys?

SMH, all those teams you mentioned I’ve already said would skate, we wouldn’t.

It’s wrestling

I fully expected this uninformed cheap shot, and you didn’t disappoint me. You think LSU, MSU and Auburn are “blue bloods” in basketball? Don’t make me laugh. You obviously are not clear on the concept of a blue blood program (Louisville is one and they got hammered). LSU is exactly that kind of program that gets investigated – new coach comes in and starts signing 5-stars immediately. And Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports has been reporting for months that the NCAA was looking at Will Wade. NCAA also said in June that inquiry noticies would be going out this summer and fall as a result of the FBI investigation. The NCAA wheels turn slowly, but they are turning.

I’m not saying that everyone linked to the FBI investigation is going to get probation; the NCAA may not be able to get the goods on everyone. But not everyone is going to skate. Like the Louisville situation, the FBI has forced the NCAA to take a look, and when the NCAA starts looking at you, they tend to find something. Remember Sunday Adebayo?

When the first NCAA probation comes down as a result of the FBI investigation, if you think you’ve gotten a nasty taunting, you ain’t heard nothing yet (bonus points if you know where I got that line)


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

If Adebayo had been at Kentucky, they would have turned their head and looked the other way. It was a bit of a different time then too.

The coach reaping big rewards from Nike involvement seems to be our fly by night coach Dana Altman. With today’s commitment, Oregon now has the #4 recruiting class.

The first notice (the easy one) was dropped over a month ago, but nothing is happening? :?

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I found a list of all the teams that were supposedly involved in this, tell me who you think is on the NCAA list:

1st Wave:
Okie Light

2nd wave:
NC State (this is the one posted above of NCAA charging them, or accusing)
Seton Hall
LSU (Not Will Wade)
Kentucky (Adidas scandal, not Nike which just started)
Wichita St
Mich St

Other schools with players involved:
Duke (who was cleared, hmmm…)
Notre Dame
Iowa St

This doesn’t include LSU (Will Wade), it also doesn’t include the school’s who reached out to Dawkins to find out who the “players” are, which includes CMA and AR (there is no evidence AR did anything other than ask who the “players” were. When I say “players”, I’m not talking about the athletes). Before anyone argues, AR was mentioned by Dawkins on the stand during the real trial.

The ability to enforce and sanction will hinge on the evidence, or lack thereof. We can all cry about it, but very often the guilty go unpunished not because they are LESS guilty than others, but because collecting real evidence is usually very difficult. In this scandal, the power of the FBI to subpoena and interview witnesses under oath has been very helpful to the NCAA. But it still could not turn over every rock. Additionally, the FBI never pursued NCAA rules violations, unless they also happened to involve federal fraud.

As I have said before, the NCAA is a collective organization of all of the Universities, and until these member Institutions have a real desire to be honest and play by the rules, this will continue to be a fiasco. It will take University Presidents (and Athletic Departments) firing and/or refusing to hire certain coaches, before this problem will get better. They can change the rules a thousand ways, and unethical people will still do whatever it takes outside of those rules to gain an advantage.

It is my opinion that the NCAA will not do nearly as much as we would hope, but that they will do what they can with the evidence they can collect.

With that said and from what I have gathered, I expect Arizona, USCw, Kansas, & Louisville to receive letters of allegations. NC State already got theirs.

Oregon, LSU, Creighton, Auburn, Miami & OK State could follow, but it sounds like the hard evidence might not be there yet on those schools.

It is my opinion that Arizona, Auburn and LSU should have already handled their issues internally. Pearl should have been on probation with the Admin & AD the day he arrived, and been removed as soon as Chuck Persons plead guilty… but this is Auburn we are talking about! Wade should have been fired for simply the way he talked about a student athlete and his family on the tape, never mind the fact that he was probably arranging payments himself. Miller was a no-brainer with the evidence they have on him. It boggles my mind that he still has a job.

I’m going to propose something radical. Players should be able to wear whatever shoes are best for them. No uniformity required.

Don’t they already do that? This past year, I’ve seen players (college) wearing different colored shoes.