Nielsen TV ratings for last week

The most viewed programs of the week include:

  1. Academy Awards, ABC, 16.62 million viewers (otherwise known as Will Smith vs. Chris Rock).
  2. Arkansas vs. Duke, TBS, 10.34 million

Sixth: Arkansas vs. Gonzaga, CBS, 8.16 million

(Screwy numbered list format obliges me to spell out sixth here)

There’s one thing for certain there wasn’t a hog on the Academy show awards so I wasnt watching the pony show!


Wow … hard to believe there’s still 16+ million folks out there interested in that garbage :wink:



Agree wax……I’ve not watched in well over a decade. Probably 3 decades.

I read somewhere that the ratings nearly doubled in the 30 minutes after Will Smith’s slap went world wide on the internet. Nielsen probably took the highest number after that slap.


Can’t remember the last time I watched the Oscars. Then again, I also can’t remember the last time I watched a new-release movie, either online or streaming. No I don’t have Netflix or HBO or anything of the sort. I wouldn’t watch it, so why pay for it.

I’m in that club as well. If it’s not sports on the tube I’m outside normally. I have watched church service on TV in last few years instead of going to church. COVID changed things for my family in that regard.

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Hollywood is overrun with ego driven narcissists that fancy themselves brainiacs and politicians. Not in the least interested.

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Have not watched the Oscar’s in years and years. I do like movies. Haven’t been much since Covid. But still love going.

In college, I would go to the movies by myself, loved going so much.


I still do, Greg.

Still love the Oscars, so I was one of the ones that watched the Academy Awards and the Hogs!

Oscars Sunday is my favorite Sunday of the year.

Loved seeing CODA win best picture. Great movie!

Nielsen figures are for average audience. Arkansas’ basketball game vs. Auburn, for instance, had an average audience of 999,000 viewers, but a peak audience of 1.96 million viewers at the end of the game.

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