Nicky Saban has started in on Jimbo

ought to be fun since Jimbo did get to Coach GOAT a little bit this summer

Nick’s post game (on the field) interview was so funny. The sideline reporter wanted to talk about Young’s injury. Nick was furious. He said how bout we talk about the team and how they won the game. It was a LOL moment.

Saban and Belichick my favorites w the press.

aTm game Prime Time on CBS, part of the doubleheader. Should be interesting to say the least.

Classic Saban today.

Saban is a jerk. He’s a brilliant coach, but he’s a jerk.

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The way I heard it, she asked something like “What does it say about your TEAM’S [my emphasis] resiliency after losing a Heisman Trophy winner?” and Saban went off because nobody wanted to talk about his TEAM. Uh, Nicky, that’s exactly what she asked about.


That was my recollection, too, silver. Saban is a jerk. Sometimes he hides it, but his basic character is that of an arrogant jerk.

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Saban is playing chess while many others are still trying to figure out how to open the box of checkers.


UA…Campus of Champions

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