Nickname suggestions needed

Sigfried and Roy U?


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Not much into the nickname game, but the thread reminded me of a great movie with Robert Duval and Michael Cain. It was Secondhand Lions, so how about second hand tigers or in the case of the SEC third hand tigers.

We were talking about the lack of a nickname for ZOU today. John Phillips suggested that the school had missed a real opportunity when they chose tigers as their mascot. He noted that Missouri is noted for Missouri Mules and it should have been obvious.

Army uses mules, as does Central Missouri. But I suspect that Central Missouri came along after the state university.

I’ve got it. Since they are known for their journo school…Paper Tigers.


I like it Jeremy. My best friend enrolled there after HS for the journalism school. He ended up in Fayetteville but kinda kept up with the Paper Tigers until a couple of years ago. For some reason he cut all ties and threw away any Missouri stuff. He’s a Hog all the way.

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Great name, Jeremy! My son and I actually took tours of the U of A and Missouri Journalism schools before he chose the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where we are now). My Pine Bluff Mom was a Missouri J School grad. My son took one look at the then new giant video screen at Razorback Stadium and said “If I wanted to play football, this is where I’d go”. At Missouri they said .”There’s the football stadium. We’re not good at football and never will be”. At Georgia they all said “We’re great. We’re going to win the National Championship”. They were right, Just 25 years premature.

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I like it!

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Not to get technical, but his last name is Duvall. Two ‘L’ in the last name. The reason I correct you is my last name is also Duvall, and I cannot stand it when someone misspells my last name. Not trying to be a prude. It’s just habit with me over the last 40+ years.



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Paper Tigers it is.


I like it Jeremy…

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I have never lived in a better place than Sainte Genevieve Missouri. It is heaven on earth. Mayberry without all the drunks(Otis) and riff raff(Earnest T.)

No drunks and riff raff? Sounds pretty boring to me. Heaven on earth? As Mark Twain said ,”Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company” :smile:.

Anyone throw rocks?

Well it is on the Mississippi, so the rock throwing is pretty good.

It is a unique place. One of the oldest permanent settlements west of the Mississippi. A nice historic district, a French herritage, and a surprising amount of arts and culture for a town its size. Great people. Kind, friendly and welcoming. No traffic to speak of, and gorgeous rolling hills and nature areas. I’m sure you can find a few drunks and riff raff if you look hard enough. What you won’t find, is much crime or trash.

Wait!!! Better than Hattiesburg??? Noo way!!:slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good to me. To heck with the drunks and the riff rack.

Hattiesburg is a nice place Billy. For a Big City!

The worst thing about drunks and riff raff, is that they remind me of the younger me!