Nickname suggestions needed

From another thread, I asked for suggestions for the ZOU tiggers. Jeff has called them Misery. I’ll agree with that for the team. I won’t agree for the state. Hey, I’m from SW Missouri which is home to many Hog fans and Arkansas alumni.

C’mon y’all, put on your thinking caps and come up with a new one. Although, the ZOU-tiggers is the best that I can do.

I’m leaning toward Kittens but other options will be considered.

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That School Way Up North.
Columbia State West

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3rd Stooge U

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I call them Mizzeeew and/or Tiggers.

I’m not sure that they rise to that level. But thanks for the thought.

They beat us in football so much, maybe we should call them the Green Bay Packers (1960s era).



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Maybe the ZouKitties.

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Well if Missouri is MO and Whinnie the Pooh tiger characters name is “Tigger”, you could have MO Tiggers, slang for more tigers. Which could lead to the reverse or Tigger-less :face_with_peeking_eye:.

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Mizzo Lozzers, best I got. WPS

Misery, as Swine has said. I live here now, and most people “real Missourians” like Marty are trying to get the Hell out, like she did.

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I’ll pitch in Tiger Scum

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We already have Scum a bit to your northeast, Billy, at Murder U. Would be confusing.

What about Tigger loins


the stonies…i mean whats up with painting white stones to make up part of ones traditions? the stones represent cat litter?

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I can think of a couple but pretty sure the board would not allow them… :rofl:

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As in Toothless Tigers.

Yes, with our lack of success against them in football, we should call them “Sir.”