Nick Starkel

Good to see that the young man has recovered from the hammering down of his confidence to play very well in his first two games for San Jose State. Completing nearly 74% of his passes with 7 TD’s against only 1 pick.

Can anyone spell “coaching”.


Good for Nick. I was very glad he gave the Hogs a chance. He currently has the nation’s #11 efficiency rating.

In regard to this year’s Hogs team, Feleipe Franks comes in at #36 (playing all SEC games), while Tennessee’s QB is playing at #74.

I am assuming Franks’ ratings will improve. He seems to be finding his groove.

I am happy for Starkel. I appreciate his coming here to try to help. Don’t mean to pile on Chad, but Starkel’s resurgence does seem to be an indicator that he was in a bad system or didn’t get much coaching here. Oh well, water under the bridge…

And it could have been offensive line coaching or a myriad of other contributing factors. As you said, water under the bridge here and happy for his success though it is elsewhere.

Judging from our Western Kentucky game last year, Ty Storey made some pretty good progress after leaving us also.

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So is it possible for Frank’s to return next year, and if so will be choose to do so ?

Yes any player can return for next year, Franks included. But Franks is also getting NFL looks, so we have to look out for that too.

Well he is not seeing SEC defenses this year, that will help. Plus he does not have hammer down coaches like Chad Morris & Joe Craddock offense, all 30% of it to master. Much luck to Starkel going forward.

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Good for Mr Starkel. He really didn’t stand a chance here same as the other 3-4 QB’s under the CCM regime. To many factors working against them - coaching, offfense, oline, etc.

Nick Starkel could throw the football. We could all see that. Under the proper coaching, he may be a really good quarterback. He looked like Tom Brady last year in his first start, then just imploded after that one game.

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