Nick Starkel vs Ben Hicks

Could someone who has watched them both compare and contrast? Vocal Ben will of course have some big advantages winning the starting QB job for next year. Being already here and having played two seasons for Morris/Craddock will give him a decided edge. Does Slick Nick have enough of a talent advantage to overcome this, or is he just competing for the back up job and biding his time till next year?

The key is the advantage is in having a spring, and knowing the offense. That’s where Ben has the advantage, IMO. But I know Starkel is a coveted talent. Starkel may have the stronger arm, but probably not by much. And, I think the throws in this offense are timing in nature more than big arm throws. I’ve had coaches who run this offense say that the throws they want are not the same as a pro offense. For example, the arm strength of the North Texas QB was not up, up and away. But he could make the throws for that offense. Quick release is important. Overall guns are not what is most important. Now, that’s good, but not just that.

QB’s with cannons have to know where softer touch is needed and floating the ball over LB’s & under the DB’s.
Same goes timing routes, when & where to release the ball before or just as a WR is making his cut.
Advantage Hicks at this point by far.

Who is the better runner? Who is the better improviser? I hope improvisational skills are not as important as they were last year, but they sure help. It seems that every game last season was a Saturday at the improv for the Arkansas Offense.

Neither is what you call a dual threat but can move enough to make plays.The advantage Hicks has is his knowledge of the offense,the advantage Starkel has is he has played in the SEC and is used to the speed of the game…Should be great for our young QBS to learn from 2 very experienced QB’S.

I expect Hicks to easily win the job…big advantage having played for CCM for 2 years. Starkel will have his big opportunity come 2020.

I don’t know about easily, but he does have the edge of having played for the staff and being able to go through spring practice.

That will certainly give him the edge early on, but Starkel will certainly push him and could take over if he plays better.

In talking to the coaches, they are not going to play favorites. They are going to play the guy that they think can win them the most games.

I will say that I am very impressed by the confidence and leadership the two of those guys exude. That was just something that last year’s top two did not have enough of, but obviously had been beaten down a bit.

Curious, what coach at UA since you’ve been coverin’ the Hogs, played his favorite at the QB position and the guy didn’t win the job in your estimation?

Or are you just pointing this out for the board, because… :sunglasses:

I’ve never known a coach not to play his best option. I do know that Matt Jones started out third team once in fall camp and quickly won the job. Barry Lunney was put behind Robert Reed and then quickly won the job. It usually takes care of itself.

In the SEC, you better have two quality QB’s that can play are you will be in for a long season especially when you are rebuilding an O-line.