Nick Starkel impressed with his Arkansas visit (story)...

he’s just finished up the visit.

I expect him to announce something in the next couple of days and expect it to be a positive for Arkansas. … sas-visit/

Don’t really know that much about Hicks or Starkel. Do we know which is a better fit or even a better qb or are they just different? Starkel has 2 yrs. which is no small thing and has played in the SEC, but I guess he is 2nd string at A&M. Hicks knows the system well and seems to be fitting in. That is about all I know. For sure, more bodies is not a bad thing usually if all take it properly. Can someone who knows sort of fill in about these two guys and what they bring other than the above.

Sounds like Starkel was a significant recruit out of HS but Hicks knows the offense like the back of his hand. Might not be bad to have both and mentor young master Jefferson

Another question I don’t understand. Why would a grad transfer move to a school that already has a grad transfer? Two grad transfers at the same school doesn’t make sense to me other than Starkel has two years. Is he willing to sit a year? Or does he believe he can win the job?

He could win the job. He is very talented and has SEC experience.

He believes that he will be the best QB on campus.

He might have ended up at SMU, but Buechele committed there first and they are only taking one.

You have to remember that Starkel was recruited by the former A&M staff. He’s been there three years.

Going from Ty/Cole to Ben/Starkel is absolutely, positively a home freaking run.

One of the better recruiting jobs this season landing (potentially) two grad transfer QBs.

That’s huge for us with experience, whoever wins I’m confident we will have a good qb room with a lot of competition, that’s big time.

I’m sure not complaining. It’s another win for Coach Morris and the Razorbacks. One that seems strange to me but may be another example of a different level of recruiting and coaching.

Starkel should win the job if he lands here!
He can play. I sure hope so anyway.


I expect Hicks to start in 2019 because he knows the offense and he’s going through spring ball. Starkel will probably start in 2020 unless Noland or Jefferson beats him out. But if Hicks were to get hurt I’d sure like to have Starkel on hand.

Morris is always going to recruit QB’s. It is most important position on team , particularly, in the way the game is played today. He wants competition at the position most of all. I think the addition of the two transfers (assuming it happens) is big factor in maturity as well as experience. Both of these players are old by today’s standards and that is big plus when we consider how much the new freshmen and redshirts have to learn and develop to get to that level. This position and the offensive line improving will be huge for how the team does in 2019. Both are upgrades to the two QBs who departed .

I’ll hold my breath, cross my fingers till he officially announces.
Another good LB would be icing on the cake to.

I have felt positive about Starkel coming here and mentioned before I feel we will hear good news in our favor on or before March 10th!

I think it would be a huge get for us because of his experience, ability and maturity! I feel Hicks will be the starter due to his knowledge of the offense and because he is already here. I don’t think Starkel will be far behind and could see him also getting playing time as well and starting the following year. Having both of these experienced guys will be a drastic improvement on and off the field for our QB’s! In addition, this will allow KJ time to grow, get stronger and learn the offense. He could play in 4 games this year and still redshirt. He would then be a RS Freshman behind Starkel next year and have 3 years after that. His HS coach even said he felt it was great we were getting Hicks because it means we wouldn’t have to throw KJ into a fire before he is ready. This will give him time to really understand the nuances of this offense and be ready to roll when it is his time.

I really think this is a perfect situation for this team!

I wouldn’t wait until March 10th to check back. :sunglasses:

I will be watching daily my friend!

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