Nick Smith

  1. He has a can’t be feeling good right now , last 2 games have not looked well well even Sec tournament. But I am wondering if he is thinking I never should have played???

This is definitely hurting his draft stock. And I don’t know Nick but I am wondering if his personal goals and lack of success will be a cancer on the team. If you look at video of last seconds he didn’t celebrate with any of the players and he looked dejected.

I hope he comes out next week and puts up 26 , maybe if Devo or some other players embrace him he will get his confidence back up.

He needs to play within himself. Period scrap the floater and take the open shot. Make it simple.


We just win a huge game…and this is what you decide to post?


I really wonder if he is just not trusting the knee?? The nick smith I saw in high school was moving so fast, he almost was halter skelter but he made buckets . I think he doesn’t have his explosion .

Dude really okay we won a game so. I Can bet you Muss is already scout ting Connecticut. I just stated the obvious. Because Devo can’t do it by himself, we need another threat

There is absolutely nothing wrong with his knee …He is simply playing a different level of competition that he’s ever played in his life and he knows everybody expects him to come out every game and put 20 on the board like he’s been playing all year long. the reality is he’s only been playing about a month or so…

He’s not getting very many good looks because everybody is aware of him and make sure that he has someone on him every time he touches the ball…

He just never has gotten in a rhythm but he has a type of ability that the next game may be the game he gets his points and is a huge part of what’s going on… The one thing you never see him do is not play hard… He came in late in the game and played incredible defense


I disagree. I think the fact that nick could come in Devo after the foul out and play tough defense without taking a shot says a lot about him as a teammate. Let’s be real: once he’s in the NBA he won’t instantaneously be THE guy, so I think demonstrating team mentality shows a lot of self awareness. I thought he was a team player tonight and should be commended.


Didn’t one of the TV announcers say at the start of the game that Nick didn’t participate in practice on Friday? The assumption was that his knee was acting up again?

Nick just needs to LEARN to chill. The team has already won two games
without much of his help so take pressure off of yourself buddy.
When you do get back out there try and recapture that neighborhood backyard
feel. It’s really just a mind-set issue and the other plan doesn’t seem to be working. He doesn’t have to feel like he needs to lead the team in scoring, just get 10 or 12 points and the flow will come back. BTW. good defense,
He’s been used to pumping his team up and that’s a good thing but they’re pumped.
Try and relax in your own way. It’ll work out.

Muss said he didn’t practice the day before because of the knee? I’m in Ca so I have no idea

Ok I didn’t hear that but it looked like he was moving extremely well on the floor…

Hopefully he can just relax Let The Game come to him and he can be a big part of our next game

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I heard he has been sick since just before or after Illinois game.

At the beginning of the game, they said Nick did not practice on Friday because of the knee. All is not as well as you are thinking. He has been playing less than 100% since he came back and I suspect it was even less yesterday. He just doesn’t have the explosiveness that put him at #2 in NBA mock drafts before the season began.

I didn’t hear them say that when I posted

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I can’t tell if it’s the knee or some sort of sickness that he’s been battling. We will probably never know.

Just a bad hair day in game one and it stayed on his mind too long. Vegas will bring out his good side.

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He had a tough Thursday eve game. He seemed to give it all he had, and time after time, seemed to miss (otherwise) good shots. Clearly, he’s trying too hard, trying to make a difference, and struggling. Maybe, he’ll be much more at ease this week, now that the Hogs have joined the Sweet 16, and bested a one (and done).

Just saw interview of muss and Jeff Goodman. He ask him nicks status only that he didn’t practice. Nothing mentioned about knee. If knee was issue he wouldn’t have jumped back in after Devo fouled out. Nicks just not fully adjusted to top level play.

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Please go troll somewhere else dude


They said he had been on an IV and had the flu. Damn!

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