Nick smith

I agree. Clay said there are similarities and I agreed with that. I don’t think either he or I are comparing injuries, The similarity I see is the fact that coaching staff leaving return timetable up to the player.

nothing new but another angle source

That is not what Muss said. He said it was up to the trainer and Nick, just as it should be in every case. If there’s a good chance playing could worsen the injury, then the trainer (Doctor) has complete authority. If he tells Nick there’s very little chance of worsening (a tear, etc) the injury, but the pain may be severe, then it’s up to Nick to decide at what pain level he can play close to his considerable talent and not be a detriment to the team. Well, then Muss will also be a part of the decision, by how many minutes he gives Nick, if he’s playing at say 60% effectiveness, due to the pain level.

Nick was going through something of a workout as people began filing into the arena, then he got off the floor. As you’d expect, he was wearing a knee brace. He was in sweats when the Razorbacks came out for warmups 45-50 minutes ahead of tipoff.

Scottie how was he moving?? What percent did you think he looked like??


Go on feel me! Or Gone, feel me?

or gonna feel me!


Where is that from?

His instagram story. All his past Instagram posts are still deleted for whatever reason. Man I’m just dying to see how he pans out at the college level. He’s not so good he could’ve gone pro out of highschool right? I mean as a first round draft pick. Surely not. I think he’s still got something to prove. Even joe Johnson wasn’t a one and done. Is nick gonna be better than joe johnson (drafted 10th)? I just hope he is better than Malik Monk (drafted 11th) and Archie Goodwin (drafted 29th).

He is good enough that he could have been drafted out of HS. We are very lucky that that isn’t an option right now. Can’t wait to see him suit up and play. Nick is gonna be a star. Go Hogs!

Really looking forward to seeing him lead the Hogs.


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