Nick smith

What’s the real deal with him. Listened to muss presser and he avoided the issue. Rumors elsewhere, and just rumors, are not encouraging at all. Anyone know anything?

This isn’t going to be a popular take and I hope I’m wrong but from what I’m hearing I think it’s a distinct possibility that Nick Smith never plays a min of basketball for Arkansas.

Supposedly the MRI doesn’t look good at all and being a projected top 5 pick, the thought is that he starts to prepare for that.

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I was told by a family member this morning that Nick is undergoing therapy, and he should be back soon.

Nick’s parents are going to Hawaii for the tournament. I doubt they would make trip if Nick wasn’t playing.


Winston Garlad redeux?? worked out fine for draft status but killed the kid not getting to play at Vandy.

Similar stuff at Missouri with Michael Porter.

Sounds like we gonna have to be patient on Nick.

I enjoyed watching them last night. Real talent on floor.

They make rookie mistakes because they are learning details - and Muss coaches details.

But this staff is good and they will coach em up.


Any updates on Nick’s injury?

I’m hearing similar to what southpaw is saying. Back sooner rather than later.

The knee management wording screams Nick’s circle. Never heard that from the UA in describing a knee issue in my lifetime.



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Knee management wording screams NBA management to me.

From one and done to already gone?

That was a Michael Porter business decision and not a Cuonzo Martin decision. In this case also it looks like a Nick Smith business decision and not Coach Muss decision. It will be up to Nick when he plays again.

Pretty much what I meant.

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That’s one of the reasons I loved Kobe so much. He played hurt all the time, and I mean really hurt. He would probably laugh at how soft players like Kawhi are these days.

I’m really, really hoping this isn’t diva behavior from Nick and his circle.

I don’t think it’s like the kahwi quadricep injury when he refused to play for the spurs for a whole year. I think this is like kahwis knee injury with the clippers when they kept saying it’s not significant, until it was. It was a partial acl tear that they had hoped would heal on its own.

Kawhi invented the term “load management.” He played when he wanted to. I lost a lot of respect for him for that.

I am not at all implying that that is what is going on with Nick, but some of the verbiage is very familiar. I just hope he comes back soon and we can squash all this speculation.

While Nick Smith has pain and isn’t healthy he shouldn’t play! Once he is healthy I’m sure he will play. The young man loves basketball. If he was my son I wouldn’t w at him to play hurt!
We all need to be patient


I have heard from someone in the circle he will be back but it will probably be in December . Not going to play in Maui. it’s not torn from what I hear .

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I just hope he’s fully healthy before he steps on the court

Leaving Nick out of the discussion and only addressing the Razorback basketball team development as a competitive cohesive unit preparing for an SEC campaign Ford and Pinion will be needed as part of the regular rotation. It will be interesting to see how Muss brings them along. Both can answer the challenge understanding it is coming a year early.

You have to remember that Porter could have been paralyzed from his injury. Nick is, apparently, dealing with a sore knee. Those 2 things are not the same. The only similarity is they are both potential top 5 picks.