Nick Smith

Oklahoma and Oregon joins his offer list.

Good for him. Looks like he will have all the options he wants and needs to get to the league. Won’t really have any excuse it doesn’t seem.

Excuse for what?

And tonight add North Carolina to the offer list. The offer he has been looking for,

To reach his goals.

I would love to have the kid, but if we don’t get him, it’s not the end of the world either. It’s been pretty well proven lately that freshmen, no matter how talented they are, don’t produce nattys. It would be fine with me if the NBA started taking high school seniors again. It might decimate Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina, but I won’t shed a single tear. The portal has leveled the playing field, and Muss was already ahead of the game.

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I thought Kentucky was his dream school.

You are right. I mixed Nick with someone else.

There was some talk before Roy Williams retired about Nick being enamored with UNC. Whether that’s still the case or not, I don’t know. I’d love to have him, but I’m not worried about Muss finding an alternative if he doesn’t want to stay in state. That would be his loss.

The days that “a 4-Star Basketball Arkansas recruit chosing to go out of state being a disaster for our program” are rapidly disappearing to a dot in our program’s rear view mirror. It can actually be helpful to the team if it lets Muss go get a better, out of state, player without making all of this kid’s supporters mad if he wanted to play for the Hogs and did not get the offer. There is a great class of kids in Arkansas coming up and there is no way Muss can put all of them on scholarship, unless he turns away from better players who seem very interested in Arkansas right now. So Nick looking hard elsewhere is a very good thing for the Hogs and we should all wish him well except if he plays against us.

Yes, it is not an issue anymore at least for a while. I think that is for two reasons. One, Muss is using transfer portal to its fullest capacity and second, the state is producing multiple 4 stars. So, if one or two leave it is not a problem. And I think every coach is now using transfer portal, so even if Muss leaves, it won’t be a problem for the next coach either,

However, losing 4 stars hasn’t been a problem really. We lost KeVaughn Allen. Did we lose anyone else over the last 30;years?

The problem was losing 5 stars. We lost Monk and Goodwin, until Portis broke the streak of losing 5 stars. And we can count Moody as a 5 star for this discussion. So, we have a streak going of keeping our 5 stars.

And Nick is a 5 star. Would love to see Muss get Nick and keep the streak going.

Nice to know that these kids now have to worry about going somewhere else (the grass isn’t always greener) whilst their home state team goes to the final four or wins a natty without them. They’ll hear about it the rest of their lives.

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It is nice to “love to” instead of “need to.” That is my basic point, even if Nick is a 5 star.


I have no idea how the 22 class will pan out but I’m confident Arkansas will have a very good class. Way too many good players are high on the Hogs for them not to finish strong.



Always prefer recruits who have the passion to be a Razorback. May they be in-state or out of state. In-state would be nice but if their heart is not into being a home state Razorback, well…


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In state 5 star recruits,
Goodwin made it clear about his business decision.

Portis was all Hog from day 1.

Monk & his Brother (ex Razorback) led AR down the yellow brick road, then dropped the ball.

Smith hasn’t parlayed much interest in the Hogs, but there is a lot more instate talent in his class & classes around him.

Looking back, did losing Monk or Goodwin really hurt us? They didn’t do much in college or the pros. I’ve never felt that losing either of those two hurt the program as we had capable players on the roster.

Nick Smith is a good player and will have lots of schools to choose from . But, don’t give up the thought of having him as a Razorback. He can learn lots of basketball from CEM. I think he will realize he can reach his potential at Arkansas.