Nick Smith

I watched Nick Smith last night against a pretty good Cabot team.

Since he’s a Top 40 player, I expected a lot. I WAS NOT disappointed. He can do it all and compares favorably to Moody as a sophomore.

He has grown since he started as a 9th grader for Sylvan Hills. He looks taller than his listed 6’3. He has also gained good weight.

UA will have to fight off the heavy competition for him.

Definitely a good all around talent. Very good kid too.

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Doesn’t Sylvan Hills have another player named Jaylin Ricks that’s going to be a high D1 player as well?
Are the Hogs on both of these kids?

Jalen Ricks is playing with KK at Oak Hill Academy. We have offered and he is a heavy Hog lean.

Is Ricks a 2020 or 2021 recruit?

He’s a 2021

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Nick is 2022

jalen ricks twitter: