Nick Smith update?

That was Anthony Black, not Nick.

my mistake…sorry

You weren’t entirely incorrect. Like me and my memory, your’s was just a little cloudy. Nick was initially ruled ineligible at North Little Rock, however it was overturned several days later and he was declared eligible to play his senior season there.

Yeah, Sylvan Hills says NLR illegally recruited Nick away,

Is there concern he may be going the route of the Sharpe kid from KY? Especially since it seems to be working out pretty well for him in Portland.

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I don’t think there is any chance. This guy wants on the court.
If he was going to take that route, he would have never risked Spain and Italy.

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Yes, there is that rumor floating around. I prefer to think he will play

I feel very confident of the following:

  • Nick had a mild knee injury around the time of the Texas exhibition game. Probably meniscus or low grade MCL.
  • Nick, his family and advisors have asked Muss and the staff for grace in being over cautious about the injury.
  • Nick could’ve played in the Maui by normal medical clearance standards
  • Muss really wants him to play but understands enough and has accepted the wishes of Nick’s crew due to what’s on the line with the draft
  • Muss has standards that have to be met before a player plays, including practice
  • I think we should trust Mr. B’s Wax

very good possibility we see him Monday against Troy is what I have heard.