Nick Smith update?

Is he progressing enough to possibly play by Jan 1?

He was dressed out and went through full team warmups and drills the last 2 games with no problems.

Not just shoot arounds not in uniform as previously.

I don’t know this, but just by appearance, he’s been dressed and going through team pregame stuff like everyone else. He appeared available last two games. I don’t really remember Louisville game but last 2 for sure. He looked really really good.

I am convinced he is not going to play unless he is 100%. I am sure he is is getting such advice from his agent and advisors. As a projected #2 draft pick, there is too much money involved to risk further damage to the knee by coming out too early.

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I have a little different perspective but that’s ok.

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I’ve heard a lot of rumors in regards to his status. Best I have heard is Dec 1 is when he will be back. Above average source


I kinda agree, only because of that slippery floor.

When do you think his agents will let him play? Will they select specific games that he can be involved in? How involved are they in his daily decisions, since we are talking about this being nothing but business?

I’m curious on what Muss’s time table is, since he has missed so much practice and playing? He was dressed to play and participated fully the last 2 games. But didn’t go in.

Don’t know. As I said a lot of rumors, and I can understand why he wouldn’t play in any of the scenarios. Haven’t really heard a scenario in which I’m shocked he hasn’t played.

I agree with that, but there is also a fine line as to when this not playing because of an injury starts affecting his draft value.

That is a very good question. I remember Darius Garland went thru this at Vandy and it did not affect his draft value. I am sure how they do in individual workouts for NBA teams. But you never know. I guess it is a tough call, but agents have dealt with this before. They should know.

You could be right on that. In addition to what I said above, I also hear he is very close to getting 100%. I think we will definitely see him play just before the conference season.

There have been a couple of instances that guy never played a game but not sure if it was over an injury or not. May have been publicly stated as an injury in the few cases but may not have been an injury, or serious one anyway.

We will see, again by appearances and recent team involvement he has been dressed and ready to play. But hasn’t. I think we are on Muss’s time table now. Again just a guess and observation.

When he does come back, and I think he is gnawing to get back in. This team is scary. Nick looks really really really good in team warmups. He misses nothing. The team is going to get a huge jolt of energy and confidence. I don’t know how they can handle it, they are playing so hard right now.

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Last night in FS1, the talking heads were saying that when Nick Smith returns, is there any team that can beat Arkansas?


I think it is BS (his not playing) - he was jumping 3’ in the air off the bench during Maui. Is he hurt or not?


He was also dunking in the pre game warm ups. Doesn’t mean he didn’t just recover from a low grade acl tear though. I don’t know what injury he had but I’m pretty sure straight forward up and down activity isn’t nearly as much concern as pivoting and twisting for any knee injury not to mention the stress on the joint from fatigue going live in competitive basketball

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I think Gas has a pretty good opinion. He is now 100%, but hasn’t practiced for a few weeks, Muss held him out to let the team know, “no one is an exception” got to practice in order to play.

That may be. I think it was wise to hold him out of games until at least December for all the above reasons. He definitely needs to go though some tough practices to test his ability to deal with physical and mental fatigue before he plays in a game environment, especially like maui. Those were three very intense and physical games in three days

NSJ will make his season debut vs San Jose State if he practices next week with no issues



I agree with you, wax

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any chance thats he’s being withheld as some part of punishment for his high school disqualification where his team had to forfeit all the games he played in and theres some type of NCAA eligibility issue?..just asking not trying to indicate a conspiracy theory