Nick Smith sets date

Is Muss doing any more in-homes with Nick and his family before then, RD?

RD/Dudley, Rivals just gave us two more “crystal balls” for Nick, but it is saying he didn’t visit Bama either. Is that correct?

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Nick’s first official visit was to Alabama on June 1-3

Thank you

I love his choice of where to have his Commitment Day! About 10 minutes from my house in Sherwood! I may have to grab my daughter and son-in law, put on my Razorback gear, and attend this (hopefully) great event since it’s open to the public.

If so, I’m going to trust you and Dudley to tell me if something awful happens between now and then to turn this from a great event into a sad Razorback day.

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That’s the same place Moses made his commitment for what that’s worth.


Is that uapb??

Yes Sir.

That’s interesting… 2 Arkansas schools. I thought I read he wanted to go out of state.

Until about 30 days ago, that was the thought. Hopefully, next Wednesday, he calls the Hogs


Yes sir I agree.

Are we all meeting up at this thing? Margs after!

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I don’t think there is anymore suspense in this. Once Kentucky stopped pursuing Nick, Muss was hard to beat. Muss never stopped recruiting him.


I sure hope you are right, PJ. A year ago everyone said Ford was a Baylor lock, and we had no shot at Nick. If Muss pulls this off, and lands either/ or Walsh and Black, it will be a consensus top 3 class. And that’s the way Arkansas should ALWAYS recruit! Wake up the sleeping giant that is Arkansas Basketball! Go Hogs!

Good omen I hope! NOT that I’m superstitious bc I’m not but he’s going to sign on my mom’s birthday 9/29. Unfortunately she’s gone now but mama and I were both born in LR and we both LOVE THEM HOGS!


I will gladly admit I was one of the one’s thinking Ford was headed to Baylor. Dumb me what do I know…LOL

I never thought Smith was coming here but it seems like things have changed. Can you imagine if he does this big signing day deal and picks someone else. Man that would sting.

You guys remember when Smith tweeted out something to the effect that “this commitment I’m about to make is going to make people mad”…then he never made one. Wonder what was going on then. That was before he had the Kentucky offer.

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I actually think he said “decision” and in hindsight, he was probably referencing transferring to NLR High.

Oh my bad Swine…I never thought of it as him changing high schools…makes sense.

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