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You have every right to be as ignorant as you want to be. If you really think when LeBron said “you’re next,” he was talking about the next cop investigated, you couldn’t be more ignorant. The officer was getting death threats, and LeBron did NOTHING to try to calm the situation.
Instead he fanned the flames.

Why did you feel the need to comment on my thoughts anyway?
Maestro asked me a question (which I wish he wouldn’t have, because I knew people like you would feel the need to chime in), and I answered his question.

I do not like LeBron James, and I am not a big fan of yours or silverlakehog either. I am done with this topic. Surely you have a gun that needs cleaning.

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I really hope you are not implying that my feelings about James have anything to do with his race, sir, because they most certainly do not.

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My comment further up the thread was inappropriate and crossed the line. I apologize to the board.

Sorry this thread has spun out the way it did. You answered my question jeremy.
You don’t like some of the things LeBron has said. Fine. I don’t share your take, but that is fine.

The question I asked after that was the real crux: do people who don’t like LeBron (or any other athlete that speaks out) have their viewpoint because of what they say—what their opinion is—or is it that they don’t believe athletes should speak out?

I for one feel like LeBron or any other athlete should speak their mind whenever they want. If I disagree with their opinion, that is my privilege, just like they can express it. What I really loath (and I have heard it expressed on this very board) is that NBA players should shut up and play.

THAT attitude is what galls me. I have literally never heard anyone say a golfer should just stop tweeting about politics or whatever else they have to say and play. Ever. And there are several golfers that tweet about politics quite alot. Current and retired. (And yes, most golfers are conservative…with Rory and Duval being notable exceptions. Tiger avoids the topic, similar to his mentor MJ. But that’s beside the point…or at least should be). But I hear it in reference to the NBA and sometimes the NFL quite often.

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SO…getting away from the lebron this he said she said M. Jordan blah blah…
man this board gets extremely touchy at times…
I’m perplexed to say the least that the “inner management” doesn’t have a better handle on the directional course of a NSJr. talent wise. I’m sure the guy is all that
even though I’ve only saw maybe 25 minutes total of his playing.
Ky doesn’t have that type of an issue with their studs. Nor does Fla. or Ga. or LSU nor Bama Tenn etc. I’m almost to the point oif why sign a guy if he’s “too good” to play at the college level but becomes a deterrent. FWIW dept.
Mind you…NOTHING against anyone personally. I totally realize it’s part of the new portal/nil hub-bub and it’s a learning experience issue and things just happen, I get that. But it’s constantly happening to Arkansas and some fans don’t take the constant barrage of crap as well as others.

Just ask DD and I’m betting you will be surprised why? Hint it’s not good.

Robbie, to truly answer your question would require me to do something this board will not allow me to do…talk about the “p” word.

This country is probably as divided as it has ever been. What I think about LeBron shouldn’t matter to anyone, just as his worldview while living in his ivory tower, just continues to do nothing but piss me off.

If I were able to say here how I truly feel about China, Marty would ban me, but LeBron is a huge star there…as are most NBA players, including Kobe. Take that for what you will, but lovemyhogsforever was onto something…how can a player with LeBron’s megaphone talk to so poorly about this country, yet have nothing to say about China?
In that instance, his silence is deafening.

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This! And repeat after me This again!!

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I don’t think Labron is a scumbag, I think he is a person that cares deeply for his community. I also think he is a fine citizen.

I’ve heard people mention his arrogance and how he conducts himself on the court at times. Well that kinda comes with being one of the best to ever play the game.

As far as him being out spoken, he has every right to be as critical as he like. If he didn’t have the right to speak out then this country would probably be no better off then China or Russia.

Don’t get mad when you hear something that’s uncomfortable to you or is not in line with your thoughts. Listen to the issue and if you still don’t agree be respectful and MOVE ON.

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“Scumbag” was a lazy word choice by me. I would have been better served to use words like arrogant, insulated, and privileged, but no way in hell did I think there would be so many LeBron apologists on this board. Wouldn’t be the first time I misread a room.

The problem I have with your argument is James has very seldom listened to “the issue” before posting something to his myriad fans before he had all the facts.
He has had the power all along to de-escalate, but he never seems to want to use it.

Any of my fellow geeks here have heard Uncle Ben say, “with great power comes great responsibility.”
That thought never seems to cross The Chosen One’s mind before he shouts into his megaphone.


You live with a lot of hanger. I hope your life gets better. I truly feel sorry for you.


I am far from being an apologist for Labron James he has done very well without me being a spokesman. His actions have not been reckless he speaks against social injustices when he sees them. I have found him on many occasions to be spot on and in line with his community when he speak out. As I said having honest conversations about uncomfortable issues can only make us better.

The man is about to become the all time point leader an amazing accomplishment. I’m not a fan of his or TBrady but I have nothing but respect for their greatness.

Anyone stupid enough to support and defend Rioting to include those whom are suppose to protect the rights of all people I have no respect for period! This whole issue concerning the salt of man don’t need to be on this darn board. What athletes do on the football field, basketball court or the diamond have nothing to do with anything within their moral compass. Most of those folks lost their way a long time ago!


I neither need nor want your pity. I have a pretty good life. I have dear friends (many here), family, and awesome dog who love me.
I do not live with anger, rather I live with a fire in my belly forged from having a few tough breaks along the way…many of my own doing.
I do, however, live with a lot of hangers. They come in handy when I need to hang my clothes.


Lebron certainly can speak his mind about any subject, but so can those that don’t like his constant yak about how bad this country is. If he paid any attention to something beyond his own self-interest, he would denounce China for their enslavement camps and other torrid inhuman treatment of their citizens. But he and the NBA are bought participants to kiss the wallet and rear of the Chinese government. Lebron would be serving a whole lot of prison time if he resided in China and said the same thing about their country. But, that’s what makes wire transfers of money so convenient and our country so great… we all have opinions.


The “what about” mentality from you all is amusing. Is it not possible to comment on the racial and other problems in your own country (where LeBron lives and was born) without getting a big, fat “what about” re: China? The hypocrisy and jealousy is pretty astonishing. Hell, every one of you consumes Chinese products on a daily basis. And if any of you work for the mighty Wal Mart, your wages are paid via daily sales of hundreds of thousands of Chinese-built products. It’s everywhere. Just stop it. LeBron makes money off of China. But so does everyone else. Ridiculous. Hate him if you want. But you’re really having to stretch to get there. Unlike me and you all, LeBron has many people that listen to him. He’s done some good in this world. I’d rather he be allowed to continue doing that.


He speaks out against SOME social injustices and ignores others. Specifically the bullying of the CCP against anyone in the league who dares to speak negatively of them.


So… just because China has been allowed to proliferate every single nook and cranny of our country, we should all be good boys and girls, and not be disgusted by it?
OK, gotcha.

Should we also be cool with them unleashing covid on the world and the thousands of daily Fentanyl deaths? You ever wonder why Tik Tok looks vastly different to Chinese kids than it does to ours?
Systematic genocide of the Uyghers? Spy balloons?
Nothing to see here.

Thing is LeBron actually has a megaphone to address at least some of these issues that none of us here could ever dream of having. He has no problem pontificating on how terrible our country is.
He can do that because we have freedom of speech in this country…a right the Chinese people can only dream of having. Will LeBron ever speak up for them? We all know the answer to that question.

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He “pontificates” about our country because he at least has an audience here that can do something in response. Don’t you see the difference? Even were he to raise hell about China, who would listen and meaningfully do something? Not Chinese citizens. Not the US government — too many trade ties. And the NBA is no more going to abandon its link to China than Wal Mart is. You sell cars, right? Will the carmakers whose cars you sell abandon all Chinese microchips used in car parts? Doubtful. Hypocrisy is pretty plentiful if you want to always get granular and look through a microscope. But I’m not sure LeBron is a hypocrite. I’d prefer to view him as a decent dude trying to speak out against racial injustice, and not get so bogged down in flaws that are kind of a reach to support.

Chinese microchips are one of many reasons that the car business has been, frankly, terrible the last few years. Too many car parts are made in China and have been in short supply since covid.
Why we can’t make these things in the US continues to escape me.

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