Nick Smith’s agent

I could be wrong on this but don’t think so. Saw Adele win a Grammy tonight for best solo performance. Sitting next to her and giving her a big hug before she went to the stage to accept the award was Rich Paul, agent for Nick Smith and LeBron.

I’ve given up on him. Never seen him perform yet at the collegiate level. Who knows, maybe he’s the next Lebron.

You are not wrong. Adele is dating Rich Paul…the scumbag agent of the scumbag LeBron.



Jeremy, I like you. But why is LeBron a “scumbag”? There are alot of people in the NBA probably warrant that description. But LeBron? To my knowledge, LeBorn gives lots of $ to the underprivileged. He stays out of legal trouble. He’s a family man.

Is it his opinions that cause you to label him a “scumbag?”

Would you like him better if his politics were more in line with players on the PGA? Who also speak out via their twitter feed ALOT.

Just wondering. I’ve never understood the LeBron hatred. Michael Jordan was, by most accounts, an actual asshole. I’ve not heard that about LeBron nearly as often. But what do I know…


Between those two super stars I much prefer Jordan-not even close. I agree with Jeremy comparing your two suggestions. Jordan probably has him by at least 25-30 points on the shaky IQ scale.

I like you too, Robbie.

LeBron just rubs me the wrong way. He is his own biggest fan. He didn’t even mention Kobe when the Lakers won the championship in 2020, even though Kobe had died earlier that year.
I absolutely loved Kobe.
Lastly, I despise his attitude towards police and constant race-baiting. When he said “you’re next” to the poor cop who had no choice but to shoot the teen girl when she was about to stab another teen girl, he completely lost me. In essence, he escalated an already tense situation.
Just the way I feel, man.


My question is this. Is LeBron a “scumbag” because he has opinions and articulates them (as do many, many other athletes, actors, musicians etc) or is it that y’all don’t like his opinions?

I don’t like Paul Azinger’s political opinions. At all. And he tweets them morning noon and night. But I respect his right to have them.

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Can’t say I agree with everything you said but I do agree about one thing. Lebron is his biggest fan period! The same as Steve Superior!!! If you don’t believe they’re the best just ask them. Lol! he is an athlete, people pay to see him play geat basketball. As the great Dolly Parton said they came to see me entertain not to hear my opinions.

You can probably say a lot of things about LeBron, but scumbag is not one of them. The guy has been in the spotlight for 20+ years and but for a little Miami Heat video, he’s handled his business very professionally. Anyone is ready to pounce at any given minute yet LeBron has given them nothing. It’s pretty remarkable what he’s been able to accomplish.

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It happened in Ohio and the cop shot the 16 year old black girl 4 times. I’m not sure what choice he had, but at least it was investigated, maybe in part because of LeBron’s comments. There’s nothing wrong with bringing awareness to issues that plague society. It should be commended.

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Haters gonna hate

Ok, so you are cool with LeBron basically putting a target on the back of a guy who probably just had the worst day of his life and was just doing his job? So responsible for a guy with LeBron’s platform to say “you’re next” and incite more violence. Naw.
Totally makes sense for YOU to be saying that.


Very classy. SMH.
What a s%&t thing to think, much less type.

He sure don’t care about the every day common man!

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Kobe was not a saint. Neither is LeBron

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Why do you always want to make a personal jab just because people disagree with you?

I think Lebron said you’ll be the next to be investigated. He was. Great. System did its job.

I’m for holding people accountable for questionable behavior. You want to hold LeBron accountable for what you perceive as questionable behavior and that’s fine. I just disagree. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or I am. Why can’t we all have opinions?!

Our entire nation is subsidized by the backs of others. Come on man!

It’s not just the NBA!!

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Let’s not be naive,we know what the Lebron hate and NBA hate on this board is about.I’ve been a member of this forum since it’s early years and I’ve seen it all.Being one of the few African-American members on this board I try not push the envelope on post because I know that it’s just a few posters that tow the line regarding racial issues and I’d don’t mind seeing them express their opinions in the open,because I know where they stand.
Lebron has and is an outstanding citizen and athlete and doesn’t deserve the hate that he gets.