Nick Smith & NLR win state title


Never been a better time to be a Razorback. Can’t wait to see you on Nolan Richardson court…


Congratulations. He is quite a player can’t wait to see him in a Hog uniform


Watched a good bit of that game tonight on Arkansas PBS. Smith was bringing the ball up for NLR probably 70 % of the time. His ball handling should be fine for Muss’s system.

He’s just too long and good for high schoolers on dribble drive, and has the makings of really strong ability to finish just short of the basket, a real plus at the next level.

Looks to have ample ability to drive against SEC players, but he would do well to put on a little muscle to absorb the contact he’ll get.

What will be really fun about Smith will be what happens when he’s not the focus of the other team’s defense.

Bentonville tonight basically tried to deny Ware(6-11 center going to Oregon) the ball and swarm Smith whenever he had the ball 18 feet and in. To Smith and NLR’s credit they were patient in the second half, hit the boards hard, and found other guys who hit quite a few threes. Ware looked pretty frustrated, but Smith just kept playing hard the whole game, and did a pretty good job of not forcing things.


Thanks for the report. He looks to have the whole package can score inside or out don’t much about his defense but we all know he won’t be playing much until he learn how to play defense once he gets here

Smith will be a starter as soon as his shoes hit the floor on his first team practice. Just the same as it was with Moody. That’s being a little facetious, but he certainly will be a starter for the first basketball game.


I think he will be given that opportunity as well and I think he will rise to the challenge but if he’s not willing to put forth the effort to play the kind of Defense we play then he may have to be reminded that that is the utmost importance here at Arkansas

I agree on the defense standpoint to play for Muss. Hoping that has been hammered home by now.
I assume defense is part of the evaluation process when determining these HS player ratings? Knowing that it’s critical and much tougher at the next level.

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I was at the game. Disclaimer…. it was my first time to see Smith and Ware play in person.

On Smith, not really much to add from what has been said. His talent is elite (I’m not convinced he’s the 6’ 5” he was introduced as, but maybe he was measured with his shoes on). He played hard and had good body language and court demeanor. He’ll be a heavy minutes guy from day 1.

Ware…. can’t teach his frame. Has NBA length. But I wasn’t impressed otherwise. If what I witnessed was his typical effort, he’d rarely see floor time for Coach Muss. Body language was very poor. He often looked bored, more than frustrated. He changed the game when he played, no doubt, with rebounding and shot blocking. But my impression was that he didn’t even scratch the surface on what kind of player he could be.

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He defends his tail off. That question is answered.

Also, he’s a PG that can play three positions. In college, depending on our makeup, he could play with another PG. But, he’s best with the ball in his hands. He’ll be a pro PG.


This same thing has been said about Ware from many people. He has bad body language and doesn’t try real hard unless he’s touching the ball more than he’s not.

I hope he does well at Oregon but it may be a real eye opener his first practice.

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Given the way UO folded late in the year, you wonder if 24 Hours Altman will be there to coach him.

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Yeah based on what I have seen I thought he could be a PG too as well as he handles the ball. Glad to know he plays defense because he will fit in just perfect in this scheme.

Erick Taylor was there to cover the game for us.

Great time to be a Razorback fan !! WPS


Ware was celebrating at the very end on the bench with his team, but during the parts of the game I saw his facial expressions, etc. looked more like a guy who couldn’t wait to get it over with than a guy excited and focused to be playing in a state championship game.

My overall impression was that maybe he just needs to mature some. Physically, he’s got the tools, including a shooting form that suggests with work he could be a credible outside shooter.

But if he’s tired of smaller players pushing, shoving and pestering him to keep him from showing his skills, and thinks he just needs to move on to college to really take off, he probably is just trading one set of frustrations for another. He’s tall, can jump a little and is long, but he’s not a physically strong guy now. Older, stronger, power forwards and the occasional true center are likely to be quite a shock for him next year.

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Ware is very, very low key and looks very unemotional most of the time. Sometimes that translates to his effort level. When his motor is going he’s elite.

I think once he gets to college and is challenged he’ll respond. If not, he won’t max out his potential.

Smith is ultra driven and competitive. You add his talent with that and you have a chance to be special.


I have no clue on Ware other than what’s been said here occasionally and other sites.
Motor issue “sometimes”. I hope he excels wherever he lands next. Can always transfer back to home anytime


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