Nick Smith, Kel’el Ware & Kijani Wright

will be attending. The top 60 prospects in the nation.

All four are very deserving even if we have some posters who question that.

DD, when is the last time we were this heavily involved with 4 top-100 players? I’ve never even heard of the NBPA top 100 camp


The NBPA Top 100 Camp has been going on since 1994.

And one could accurately argue that 2020 Arkansas was involved heavily with more than 4 Top 100 players in Moses Moody, KK Robinsion, Jaylin WIlliams, Bryce Thompson, Matthew Murrell and Jackson Robinson - all who took visits to Fayetteville

2023 target

Richard listed 5 players we are recruiting that were invited? Smith, Ware, Wright, Creed, and Walsh.

I thought it was great that Creed Williamson got an invite. He must really be making great progress in his game this AAU season.

Yes. Good for Creed.

Some have been some late invites.

Creed has made great progress over the past year. So, congrats to him on the invite. Well deserved.

Some guy named Nick Neal said Smith and Ware are going to be a package deal to Texas? How many scholarships is Beard working with down there in Austin? He’s offered about about every top high school player in the country.

Pretty sure this is bunk, but it’s interesting to read all the crazy rumors out there.

I can’t imagine either one of those guys liking Beards offense. Does he have one?

Not really. Tech games with Beard were pretty ugly to watch on the offensive end of the court. Beard is a defensive coach who delegates most of the offensive play calling to his assistants. An offensive genius, he ain’t, but he seems to have top recruits interested in Texas right now. Of course, Texas men’s hoops has a long history of amassing great talent and basically squandering it. So who knows if that changes with Beard, we’ll see. Arkansas, under Muss, runs a much more advanced NBA-style offense than what Beard runs.

I’d much rather play for Muss than Beard if I were a top hoops recruit, but that’s just me.


Is that what he said? If so, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it out of hand. He knows a lot of people.

This is the rumor this Neal guy has been pushing for the past week or so yep.

Never heard of him before now, so who knows if this has legitimacy or not.

Can you post/link these tweets?

He’s connected with Arkansas basketball, mostly through Jonesboro kids. Quion Williams uncle.

I know he’s Desi’s uncle.

I doubt he is a Hog fan.

I’m guessing that would not be a positive for Arkansas.