Nick Smith Jr

Game Changer. Team Changer.
For so many different reasons…


I’m waiting for his critics to eat some crow. So far…crickets.


hard to criticize what that young man did tonight. Wow


That was impressive. That is the Nick Smith I saw in high school. Smooth. In fact it was better than high school. He couldn’t hit threes like that in high school. In fact I don’t remember him trying many in high school.

He is baaaaaaaack! College basketball, watch out! Here comes Arkansas!


I agree with you . It’s a couple of people on here who bashed him sooo bad …. They probably hate he played good

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NS played like a Five Star tonight. Lived up to the hype. I bet the team is now hungry and confident in playing at Bama this Saturday.
UA…Campus of Champions


He definitely changes the confidence of the team and the flow of the offense. Love it.


Nick looked great. So glad to see him back.


Same here PJ. I started watching him when he was starting for Sylvan Hills Sr High as a 9th grader.

I don’t remember many shots from beyond the arc the entire 4 years. A few, but not many.

Loved the way we pushed the ball in transition all game long. Pace and space was on full display last night. Nick just brings an extra level of energy and excitement to the entire team. Looking forward to Saturday. Hoping Arkansas can leave Tuscaloosa with a big W.

I wonder if we will see more Smith and Pinion on the court together? I’d like to see teams zone us then.

I for one did not think he would reach his full potential this season and thought it would be unfair to him for fans to expect him to carry this team this season. Obviously he played well against Georgia last night and was his coming out party so to speak, sure hope he can perform the same way through out the remainder of the season. If he hits three consistently it sure changes the defense we will see the rest of the season I would think. WPS

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Guess what, last night wasn’t his full potential.

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Hit five 3s

Just make the offense so much easier when there’s a reliable 3- pt shooter on the court

Several of his 3- pt makes were in transition , which I love

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Transition 3s are feast or famine. If you make them, they’re great; if you miss them, it’s a wasted possession.

I’m reminded of old UHouston guard Rob Williams, who could shoot the Coogs into or out of any game with equal speed. Didn’t have 3s back then, but with him it didn’t matter. He was jacking it up from 22 anyway.

Smith is a rarity. He can shoot the 3, hit from mid-range and drive to the hoop. He is a 3 level scorer which is an uncommon skillset. He is suited for the NBA if he can stay healthy.


Nick is stronger than he looks. Really impressed with his ability to finish a play at the rim thru contact. A very good defender too.

I just love everything about his game.

I can see why nba scouts think so highly of Nick.


I remember Dusty Hannahs was very good at hitting transition 3s when he played at Arkansas.

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Yes he was. So was Todd Day. I remember several games in the MayDay era where we’d get a couple of steals and hit 3 threes in a minute and it would be turn out the lights. Believe we did that to UNC in the Sweet 16 in fact. And remember Bama had a run like that against us last month to blow the game open late.


The hogs. A lunch back with the threat of the 3’s to some extent now with Nick on the floor.

Yes I’m sure that’s correct, not sure we’ll see reach his full potential at Arkansas. WPS