Nick Smith jr

Did he visit OU this weekend?

I thought I read he visited Horns down

I think that was Walsh

My bad, your right baked

Jordan Walsh did visit Texas this weekend, went to a Lil Baby concert while there and seemingly enjoyed his visit

Again, I point out that you don’t have bad visits unless you are just looking to have one.

Reports from Texas are that he my visit Memphis and Kansas and then announce a decision, but he was not quoted on that

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As for Nick Smith, it appears he did not go to OU - working to confirm that with him personally, but that is what I have been told by people I trust.

Also that he is done with visits and an announcement is coming sooner than later.


In the last couple of days, I’ve grown pretty confident on Smith. I’m optimistic.

As long as Walsh is visiting, I’ll be hopeful. His other finalists will be hard to beat.

Great to see your first sentence! I agree with your post about Walsh. Wish he wasn’t visiting.

Two questions. Do you think we have a legitimate shot at Black, or just a long shot? Clearly, 247 seems to like Anthony more than Walsh. Are you of the same mind?

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