Nick Smith Jr update

He just told me he will not be visiting Kentucky this weekend or in the future.


That’s very interesting. Wondering if that’s good for us or good for Alabama. Or none of the above.

Bama is in play based on what I hear.

Looks like Shaedon Sharpe and Cason Wallace are indeed going to Kentucky. Those two probably priority for UK over Nick.

Oh Senor Davenport this is news I like to hear!

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Hmmm, I thought Texas was next in line? When did this happen? I thought Bama wasn’t even in the picture.

I thought it was Texas to.

Sorry for not being in the know here. What’s wrong with the UA? The Razorbacks have a state of the art training facility. An outstanding arena. Great learning center for the athletes. Went to the Elite 8 last season. At least three players have reached the NBA under CEM in two seasons. One was a lottery pick. Have a coaching staff full of NBA experience. Gets to play in state in front of his family and friends. What I am missing here?
UA…Campus of Champions


You’re missing the mind of a 19 year old. Count your blessings lol


His dad played at a smaller college in Alabama is the only connection to Alabama that I know of. Don’t know were his father is originally from. My hopes go way up if the family shows up in Fayettville this weekend.

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Bama has had the buzz for about a month.

Nick and the other commits would puts us in a great position to make it to the Final Four. Talk about a fun year, come on Nick, help us win 30+.

It is interesting to hear this argument. When Goodwin and Monk were making business decisions on what is the best path to NBA, our argument was that they don’t need to go to UK, because if you have the talent, NBA will find you wherever you are.

I’m fairly certain his father was born and raised in Central Arkansas. I know for a fact his grandfather was a Jacksonville Red Devil.

The grandfather is a fine person. I know of no animosity toward UA.

Southpaw, I don’t know the Smith’s. Have never heard of any animosity either, but I’ve been told in the case of both Nick Smith and Kel’el Ware that neither wants to stay “home” they’d like to play out of state and see new things.

Ware already went to Oregon. We will see if Nick goes elsewhere as well.

As for Alabama, guys Oats is a good coach. Many may not remember, but right after CMA was fired, I was on here singing Oats praises. Don’t be surprised if both AR and Bama become major landing spots for good recruits because of Muss and Oats

Alabama has already become a major landing spot if you look at the last two classes for Oats.

I can accept Ware to Oregon, because he will be out of sight, out of mind, but there is no way in Hell Muss wants to lose Nick to Bama. Bama has zero basketball tradition, and I don’t care how good Oats is. Bama is, and will always be, a football school. We went further in the tourney than Bama did last year, and Muss keeps putting guys in the league every year. Unless Nick is bound and determined to leave the state, it is a no-brainer for him to be a Hog. To PJ and Baked, stop building up the competition. Nobody here wants to hear it. I still hold out hope that Muss will land both Smith and Walsh to complete a top 3 class, and I wouldn’t bet against him. Go Hogs!

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You and I don’t know how much money comes into play here. Bama obviously can resource $$$, and that may be why they are now in play.

If money is a factor in this decision, Fred, then God help us all. I guess all the millionaires in NWA are gonna have to pony up to keep us competitive. Fortunately, NWA still has the most millionaires in the country. The question is do they care about U of A sports? I guarantee Hunter is trying trying to find an answer to that very question. And still my original point stands, Bama has zero tradition in basketball, and there is no reason for Muss to sit back and let them build a tradition by taking our best players.

Jeremy, I agree with you. If Smith goes to Bama instead of Arkansas, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Oates vs Muss. There is no logical way where Oats and Bama would be graded favorably in comparison with Arkansas and Muss for a kid who grew up in Arkansas.

Both Muss and Oates have been a head coach in college for 6 years. 4 years at Nev. and Buffalo, then 2 years at Arkansas and Bama: Here’s their stats:

over all record - 155-53
conference - 72-32
NCAA Tnmt record 5-4 - a sweet 16 + an EE
NBA draft picks coached - 4
NBA draft picks recruited - 2

over all record - 138-65
conference - 76-32
NCAA Tnmt record 4-4 - 1 sweet 16
NBA draft picks coached - 3
NBA draft picks recruited - 1

Now the HUGE difference:

NBA head coach - 3 years
NBA asst. coach - 6 years
college asst coach (power 5) - 3 years

H.S head coach - 12 years
College Asst coach (Mid major) asst coach - 2 yrs

Now, if he decides to go to Bama because of coaching, then well, bad decision. If he, come “heck or high water”, is going to go out of state, then do what you got to do. But, with all his choices, (Kansas, Baylor, Illinois, NC, Oregon, etc) why Bama??

It almost appears he’s open to any decent offer except Arkansas. I can’t figure out why that would be, unless it just that he wants to leave the state. Maybe he’s actually mad at Arkansas media for voting Warren, a soph over him for the Landers award?