Nick Smith Jr. update from Musselman

Also from Eric: We’re banged up. Ricky hurt his elbow, Brazile rolled his ankle pretty good, then AB has an ankle. How it looks over the next 48 hours, I don’t know. We’re down 3-4 guys today in practice. Four guys won’t go full court today and will be limited at best to half-court situations.

Yeah if those guys can’t go it’ll be a skeleton crew Friday night…

could be interesting Friday nite if none of those guys can go…Fordham is no slouch

None of those guys can go we would be the underdog for sure…

This whole thing smells like a Kawhi Leonard situation. I just hope Nick heals this year dominates whenever he’s back. That said I think the “precautionary” knee management language is annoyingly disingenuous. There’s nothing precautionary about it unless his knee is healhy, and if his knee was healthy he would play. I guess every injury treatment can be called precautionary since it’s preventing an additional or worse injury?

somebody needs to tell me to think positive! Injuries do heal, even partial acl tears can heal. The suspense is killing me. I’ve been torturing myself watching the McDonald’s all American game dunk contest on YouTube the past two days :weary:

Based on his Eric framed it, I think a Ricky and AB will start. I think Brazile be a game time decision.

Why torture yourself? Self torture is a disease. Get help.


I disagree,just because an area is healthy doesn’t mean you can play.My Back is healthy but I know better than to try to play golf when it’s tighter than normal so I take a “precautionary” day off so as to not hurt it and not be able to play for a lot longer.

Nick obviously feels some discomfort in his knee and they don’t want to take chances playing where he may blow it out and the season is over and also may effect his career,not worth the risk.He’s probably taking some chill pills and let it get better and then he will be ready to safely go.


Precaution is understandable. He didn’t have to be a Razorback. Him wearing the jersey of a Razorback likely got us some other great players and probably more to come.

Totally agree. I very much dislike reading posters who have zero inside information questioning Nick’s possible resolve to play for the Razorbacks. He came here to play for the Razorbacks and win championships period! These insinuations and innuendos about him need to stop!

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And then Justice Hill is banking half courts shots for lsu.

What is the latest on Trevan Brazile? Still a game-time decision? Sure hope he can play tomorrow.

But early on in Nick’s recruiting most thought he wasn’t coming to the Hogs. Per his own statements like “don’t hate my decision” or something like that. Assuming he was waiting on the Ky offer. After committing to UA his ranking started climbing quickly. Which doesn’t usually happen to a Hog commit in any sport.

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