Nick Smith Jr. impresses Biancardi in Chicago


Welcome, welcome Nick Smith! Need some love right now. We Arkansas fans are going to go nuts seeing you play!

I have watched the Hogs since 1972, had season tickets for 35 years but your class is the best I’ve ever seen.

Good luck and Go Hogs!!


Love the last sentence quote from Biancardi:

"The players are really attracted to him, so we’ll see where he ends up in the final ranking, but I can guarantee you one thing: he’s not going to go down.”

Sure sounds like Nick may get a final bump up from #6 nationally, at least if Paul has a strong say in it.

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Whatever “It” is, Nick has it in spades. He’s all business. Reminds me so much of Kobe.

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He just checked in at #2!!!

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Got a link, Jeff? The page I just pulled up, he’s still at #6.

It’s all over twitter…now sure I’m allowed to post a link here.

Rivals put it out about an hour ago.

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No worries. I’m sure RD will put something up.

Yes, Rivals updated their final basketball 2022 rankings and Nick jumped to #2 from #5. I won’t put the link on here, but it’s not proprietary info, because I could pull it up and I’m not a paying member of Rivals. Google is your friend. :grinning:


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