Nick Smith day-to-day with finger injury

Forgot to drop the link here earlier. What Eric Musselman had to say about Nick Smith’s injured left index finger:

Dang must be pretty significant injury, although it’s one of the finger injuries that can linger on & re-injure easily.

I’ve had jammed fingers in basketball and thumb in baseball and they are a pain.You can handle it, but it becomes a pain management issue. One awkward catch and it hurts like hell as you re-injure it.


I think he’s fine. Doesn’t sound significant. I watched Bernard King drop 60 plus I think with ring and pinky finger taped together and middle and index finger taped together on BOTH hands.

Birds finger looked mangled most all of his career.

This doesn’t sound like either.

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It was mangled. As I recall, he hurt it playing softball, trying to catch a line drive. Bent at a 45 degree angle toward his thumb. He learned to adjust pretty quickly.

Did not sound significant to me either. Exercising good caution is what it appears to me. Certainly don’t want to make things worse and it become a real issue down the line. And like I wrote in the story above, the finger hasn’t kept Nick from working out.

I understand Nick won’t see any action in the Europe games. They want to be extra cautious and have him heal this completely.

Then, it’s more than a day to day thing

different era… nowadays players sit because they are “tired”…not just any players the supposed star players do…

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