Nick shooting after the game

Muss said he is not practicing yet though,so going to be a little bit before he plays but you have to be bigtime encouraged about this shooting display and the 3’s we hit today


That was after the game. He wasn’t on the floor pregame

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Well it doesn’t matter when he shot them he hit 28-32 lol but I corrected it


So, NSJ hasn’t been practicing with the team? Lots of conflicting info.

Also, did Makhi Mitchell get injured today? Status update?

Would hate to see our big guy in the middle go down for any length of time.

Muss definitely said Nick is not practicing he is getting rehab with the team.

Makhel Mitchell look like he had an ankle injury so they were going to do some tests on it.

oh man…hope it’s nothing too serious with Makhi


Back from the game and I too did see Nick shooting the ball. Looked great. And our crowd was really good. The days of Arkansas runs are just out the window due to replays , TO’s, TV timeouts and MORE replays. So the game in the 90’s-- 2000’s that were just so good it’s hard to compare to the disaster of today’s game!


Too true, Mike.

Jeremy did you watch the game live!

Watch the players warmup before the game at BWA. All our guards are deadly from the 3 pt line.

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Only on TV, Army.

I thought after the Missouri game you had to work today.

I did, but I still got to watch it in bits and pieces. I have a TV in my office.

He HAS been at practice the last few days, just not participating in practice…he’s continuing his rehab. I expect him back sooner than later.

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