Nick Mason on Mikes future

Not that he knows anymore than anyone else.

Might be, but only Hunter Yuracheck knows.

I completely agree. I believe it’s all Hunters decision and he won’t be pushed one way or the other.

I think Nick may be underestimating what the test is. But we shall see.

Mike has 3 more years on his contract that pays ~$2.6 m per yr. I doubt he is going anywhere for the next year or two…unless our AD included some type of performance clause (winning) in the contract extension given to him last year.

Since you’ve been on board, I’ve thought that you’ve contributed some intelligence when it comes to the basketball debate. You seem to have more knowledge about b-ball than 95% of those currently commenting (or should I say complaining), BUT using Nick Mason for anything basketball is a good way to get yourself put in the other category, it’s even worse than using Wally Hall’s article as a source of intelligent information

By the way, Dudley, RD, Clay, or anyone else at WholeHog, penned up top is an article by Bob Holt. It is linked to a picture of Keyshawn Embery-Simpson (#11), underneath the picture, is says something about Reggie Chaney (#35) looking on during a game. Ummmmm…

When looking for a photo to use for Bob’s story last night I went back and forth on two and accidentally added the wrong cutline.

Haha, I’ll keep that in mind. I know how some feel about Nick, I’ve felt the same at times. But he gets stuff right more times than not

Of all the arguing we do here…I think we can all agree on one common point. Mason is terrrrrrible.

I actually agreed with Chris until Nick became the Klingon. Now I can’t take him serious for anything.

Ha ha. I’ve done that before

In all fairness, Nick Mason was the one on twitter telling everyone from the start Macon and Barford weren’t going anywhere although fans were panicking and thinking the were gone. I remember this because I was like, look at Nick looking for attention, and he posted that several times throughout that off-season. He also was the one that kept telling us Portis was gone when a lot of us were still holding out hope. Say what you want about him, but he does know people around the program, and if for nothing else he’ll blab stuff out that he’s hearing just for attention purposes.

Yeah, but on the Portis and Qualls he flip flopped the entire time. He originally said they’d both leave in Nov, then flip flopped all the way until about two weeks before they announced, when CMA looked at Alexander (the kid now at TN) and the SF (don’t remember his name). Then he locked in to the “they are gone.”

Maybe… my point remains he still knows people and he blabs what he hears. You can’t deny him on the Macon and Barford thing, he said that and stuck with that from the beginning, when almost everyone else was saying they weren’t sure or weren’t really speaking on it.

But back on topic, the Mike Anderson news he saying, that’s not anything groundbreaking he’s revealing there, I think most people expect CMA to be back next year barring something drastic happening.