Nick Fulwider has had enough

Another guy who appeared to have a lot of potential when signed based on measurables. We’ve had a couple of similar defensive linemen turn into pro draftees the last few years, but the miss rate on those guys is usually pretty high, and the guys who got drafted generally did not play much until late in their careers here.

Between the portal and recruiting, I think we are generally getting DL these days with higher floors than when Fulwider signed-guys who need less development and time to play in an SEC game and not get crushed.

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Looked like Tarzan.

Remember seeing him in practices early on and thinking he looked like a Deatrich Wise body double.

From Tom:

he does, I loved his commit photo that you guys posted, his parents were huge, I really thought he’d keep growing and be a real “hidden gem” for us. sad to see him go. I’ve been looking for 2 years for mentions of him, but there haven’t been many.

wish him the best.


I heard sw montana st. a&m is available. Have a good one.

Was that a not so subtle comment about perhaps his playstyle?

Hmmm… trying to remember the second line… oh yeah.

Looked like Tarzan,
played like Jane.

Did you forget to add the next line or was it implied?
Or am I totally wrong?

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If you miss the punch line, you missed the punch line.
A do ever is never quite the same.

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