Nick Fulwider expected to sign with Arkansas (story)...

Fulwider (6-7, 260) has confirmed tonight that he has flipped from North Carolina and will sign with Arkansas at 11 a.m. CST on Friday.

He is from Tyrone, Ga., Sandy Creek. … as-friday/

Attaway to get it done Things looking better for the Dee already.

Obviously tonight was very unique. Will shed more light on this tomorrow.

So that gives us 8 for early period, if we can get close to that in Feb this class will be good. Good not great which considering the coaching change most will say we can live with and then next year we should have a very good class!

That makes this week a whole lot better on the recruiting front. This is the most surprising recruits this week. Coach Morris must have impressed Fulwilder and his parents.

I am an Arkansas fan first and a North Carolina fan second, and I would be happy for the young man wherever he chose to sign (but happier myself if he chose Arkansas), but the thing that surprises me is why he would initially commit to UNC when it doesn’t even offer his desired major (engineering). I don’t understand that at all. Maybe he not only decided to change his choice of schools, he decided to change his choice of majors? If so, he may not be done yet, and that would not be unusual, I read somewhere where even after they arrive college students change their choice of majors 4 times ON AVERAGE.

Should be official soon.


Arkansas has Fulwider’s NLI. It’s official he’s a Hog.

[/quote]Very good news…wps


Sorry miscommunication.

Great news!!

28 offers and he is a HOG. W. P .S.

Richard have you posted which of the early signees plan to enroll in January?