Nick Fitzgerald has horrible injury in Egg Bowl.............

…it was almost as horrible as Joe Theisman’s broken leg. He had to have totally ripped his knee out or a double lower leg bone fracture because his foot ended up pointing in the opposite direction. They carted him off with his leg in an air cast after a very long time on the ground. Keep that young man in your prayers.

Horrible to hear.


Sad ending for the young man. He is fun to watch, as long as you are not pulling for his opponent.

A good football player and young man! Will hope and pray for him to make a full recovery. I hate to see any young man get hurt no matter what team they play for.

Hate that for any athlete, Nick is elite and a competitor.
Hard to fully recover from an injury like that.
Wish him the best.

Had surgery this morning and all went well. He twitted he hoped to be ready for spring practice